Good Reads

Here are some of my favorite blogs to peruse, broken down by category:


Nautical by Nature – The best round up of nautical love on the net.  Plus Kate is kind of awesome.
College Prep – Love her classic, work-appropriate style and organizational tips.
Let’s Be Preppy! – Lots of Southern charm!
Classy Girls Wear Pearls – It’s like reading a RL catalog instead of a style blog, but if you love classic, layered looks, have fun drooling all over Sarah’s site. (And then feeling inadequate about your outfit shots in your bedroom.)
Necessary & Proper – Classic, DC style at its finest.  And there’s men fashion too, which is rare for style blogs.

[these girls show us how to look amazing without breaking the bank]

Chic on the Cheap – We once swapped styling sessions, and she expanded my chambray shirt’s world.
The Classy Turtle –  She’s a beauty pageant queen and beat breast cancer.  Plus, she always looks cute.
College Fashion – This was actually the first fashion blog I ever read!  Might not be the most flashy, but they have consistent posts and great budget picks.
Franishh – Cute, work appropriate looks with an emphasis on sticking to a budget.

[daily reads that are great for my style, but bad for my bank account]

Stripes & Sequins – Such a classy lady.  She was one of the first style blogs I read every day, and even though she’s big-time now, she’s very sweet.  Plus, I love her DIYs!
Atlantic-Pacific – Who doesn’t have this girl on their daily radar?  In my opinion, the best style blog around, she has impeccable style and is totally inspirational.
Running on Happiness – This girl is so gorgeous, I once sent my mom a screenshot of her (and her husband’s) Christmas card because I was so flabbergasted by their perfectness.  They’re like the couple you see in a stock photo.
Capitol Hill Style – A fellow DC girl who provides great advice for career women.
Sequins & Stripes – Great for getting out of a style rut!


The Glossarie – Lots of beauty reviews and ideas by a local favorite!


Belle Maison – Tons of pin-worthy home inspiration pictures

[Food that looks so good, you might gain weight from just reading the recipes.]

The Red Spoon Blog – I could be biased since Meg is one of my actual BFFs, but she makes amazing food and takes amazing pictures.  (And her baby is adorbs.)

[People with interesting lives…]

The Mean Girl Diaries – a former mean girl has a daughter, who might be the cutest kid I’ve ever seen.
Glitter & Pearls – Lexi is like my sparkly spirit-animal.
Feather Factor – Mostly style, but she does some great interviews with very successful ladies.  Plus, her Hermes collection is baller.
The Knotty Bride – Technically a wedding blog, but this girl is so funny that I sometimes laugh out loud.

I also am starting to love Tumblrs!  Here are some of my favorites:

Nautical & Preppy
Birkins & Baseball
Vineyard Vines & Preppy Guys
Massachusetts Prep
Stripes & Anchors
Rhode Island Prep
Lobsters & Lilly
Bourbon & Pearls
Preppy Collage Glam

One Response to “Good Reads”

  1. Kate November 8, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    Going to add some new blogs to my reader!! Thanks for the recommendations

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