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Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook

26 Mar

When the news dropped that Lilly Pulitzer would be the next designer to collaborate with Target, I couldn’t have been more excited.  (One of my favorite things Target has ever done was the Jason Wu collaboration.)

I’m so excited to share the full look book (link here).  This collection is even cuter than I hoped for, and the pricing is amazing!

I’m not sure if it will help when the collection finally posts online, but you can click a little red heart on each item, and it seems to save to some kind of wishlist.  It may make checking out that much faster…especially with how this collection is going ot sell out fast.  Try logging in (or creating an account here) and then saving all your favorites.

Here are some of my must haves:

Button Down Shirt in Nosie Posie – $24

Satin Flounce Dress in Sea Urchin for You – $38

Shift Dress in Fan Dance – $38

Embroidered Clutch in Nosie Posie – $24

Gold Pineapple Sandals – $30

Halter Top in Pineapple Punch – $26

Shift Dress – My Fans – $38

Navy Cover Up – $32

Throw Pillows – $25

I definitely recommend you check out the full lookbook and start “hearting” your favorite pieces.

In the meantime, here are some of my tips to start planning your sale strategy.

1.  Make a List.  Write down all your must-haves.  It helps to have a game plan of exactly what you want.  It also helps to nail down your budget ahead of time so you can start saving.

2.  Buddy System.  Link of with friends (both local and out of state) and coordinate your attack.  This collection will probably be more popular down South, so if you have friends in Montana, they may experience a leisurely shopping time compared to your frantic grab and run.  It helps to share your lists, and then you can feel better knowing that even if your store doesn’t have something, your good old Montanan (sp? haha) buddy picked it up for you.

Buddies at the same store can help combat the resellers.  The Target resellers are probably some of the worst people on the planet.  They will shove you and take things from you and literally grab entire racks and stuff them in their carts.  (I once saw a woman bear hug an entire rack of dresses, yank them all off, and fill her cart.  It was gross.)

Personally, this year, I’m up to like an eight woman collective team.  We are intense about our Lilly.

3.  Shop Online!  The new collection normally drops around midnightish the day of, and it’s nice to be able to handpick all your choices without having to fight other bleary-eyed girls a few hours later.  Also remember that some items will only be available online.  That’s where your list comes in handy–you may have a BUY ONLINE list and a BUY IN STORE list.

4.  Ignore the Haters.  I have never seen a more snobbish backlash for a designer collaboration than with Lilly for Target.  (Just google Lilly for Target and a bunch of articles will pop up about the girls on Twitter whining.)  I’ve seen people lamenting the loss of quality to the loss of exclusivity.  Girls, you are seriously  making us all look like bratty, entitled women.

Do people now think of Liberty of London as a cheap brand?  What about Zac Posen?  Phillip Lim?  Proenza Schouler? Rodarte?  Alexander McQueen?  All these designers (and bunches more) have partnered with Target without any hit to their branding.  If anything, it’s cool to be able to afford a dress by Phillip Lim without having to drop a grand at Neiman Marcus.

As for quality, I guarantee most of the girls whining love to stroll through Target with their Starbucks in hand and stock up for spring break.  I don’t have super high expectations of my $24 Target sundress, but then again, I paid $24 for it.  (And honestly, I have dresses from Target that are years old that have held up just fine.)

I hope your mothers raised you right enough to live by that old Thumper adage from Bambi–if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.


Prabal Gurung for Target Look Book

14 Jan

So, Target hit the bullseye (heh heh) with Jason Wu and totally missed with Neiman Marcus.

These pieces are a little more edgy than what I’m used to, but I think a lot of it comes from the sad, bedraggled model.  I really love all the graphic florals!

View the full collection here, and check out some of my favorite looks below

Black Dress – $39.99
I think this would be really cute with little ballet flats!

White Dress – $49.99
Would be great for a outdoor party!  Or tea!

Coral/Turquoise Dress – $39.99
The perfect summer dress!

Ruffle Red Dress – $39.99
I have a hard time saying no to a little red dress!

Red Full Skirt dress – $49.99

Black/White Pintuck dress – $49.99

Wedge Sandals – $29.99

Great for tall girls like me!

I think Target needs to continue to move in this direction–this is what capsule collections are supposed to be!

What do you guys think?  Yea or Nay?

At least on the bright side, Prabal isn’t a super well-known designer so there might not be such a mad rush like there was for Jason Wu and Missoni.

Target x Neiman Marcus Holiday 2012 Lookbook

17 Oct

It’s finally here!  I have been saving every single month for this collaboration, and the lookbook has been released!

I can’t wait to see what goodies–oh.  An ornament…okay, well, it’s holiday…  What else?  Oh.  A…lunchbox?  For my…lunch?  Um.  Well, I’m sure they have cute–oh, yeah!  YES!  This is exactly what I wanted!  Here’s Marchesa and Jason Wu…wait…why is that so small?  It’s for…FOR CHILDREN?!?!

Come on, Target.  This is the best designer collaboration you’ve ever done, and I’m kind of bummed with the selection.  I was expecting to have to reign in my spending with this, but instead, I doubt I’ll even spend the few hundred dollars I’ve saved.

Actually, I might.  It seems like this collaboration is a lot more expensive than Target’s other designer collections, but I guess they’re having to split profits three-ways (with the designer AND NM) instead of just with the designer.

Okay.  Let’s just focus on the positive.

Too bad I don’t drink, but Altuzarra came up with some really amazingly gorgeous faux vintage barware.  I love the black and gold lacquered tray.  And those glasses are so cute!
[Glasses – $49.99, Shaker – $49.99, Tray – $79.99]

Well, these combine my love of leopard AND gold hardware…but I don’t like that these smoking slippers are actually…slippers.  I wish there was a back so you could wear them out.
[Derek Lam’s leopard print slippers – $49.99]

Now, this I like.  I like it a lot.  But, I’m always trying to gauge whether I like something because of the brand name or because I actually like it.  I don’t think I would spend $100 on this…
[Lela Rose Dress $99.99]

This shell top may be a must have.  It’s downright adorable.  It’d dress up for holiday parties with a frothy skirt, or down for work with a suit jacket.  Winner!
[Lela Rose top for $69.99]

[Marc Jacobs Scarf – $69.99]

This is the point of the lookbook that I felt like throwing something.  Both these dresses are Marchesa and gorgeous–and they’re both for little kids.  That hot pink number?  Reminds me of Holly’s party dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  It’s so friggin’ cute.

The first designer I ever really learned how to recognize without seeing the label was Oscar de la Renta.  That man knows how to cut a dress like no one else.  I was so excited for what he would produce for Target…maybe I could finally have a dress of my own?

Nope.  Here’s his dog leash for $39.99  (But, the leash IS really cute.  Maybe for Chalupa!)

And this handbag is cute too.  I love lace.  It’s just… having a white handbag terrifies me.  It’s just begging for something to be spilled on it.

[Oscar de la Renta Tote $59.99]

I like wearing capes.  It makes me feel like a vintage superhero or something.  This offering from Prabal Gurung is cute, but it seems extremely cocktail party specific.
[Prabal Gurung cape – $79.99]

I’m sorry.  This looks like the evening bag I got at Claire’s before my first formal in 9th grade.

[Prabal Gurung clutch – $49.99]

rag & bone nailed it with this men’s cardigan.  I love this.  I beyond love it.  I can’t resist a chunky knit cardigan, and the color goes with everything.

[rag & bone men’s cardigan – $69.99]

THIS.  THIS THIS THIS.  Now, THIS is what I was wanting from this collection.  Awesome pieces I could wear that give me a little taste of what it’s like to buy ridiculously expensive designer clothing.  THIS is what designer collaborations should be–making it affordable for the masses.  Not… dog’s water bowls or picture frames.
[Robert Rodriguez dress – $99.99]

And this!  Gold star for you, Robert Rodriguez.  Love it.

Another knockout for the men.  I love this!  At this point, I might end up just buying two things from the men’s section and calling it a day.

[Thom Browne blazer – $149.99 for men, $129.99 for women but I think the women’s one is a little too shrunken for me.]

This is really cute too.  I love it.

[Tracy Reese blouse – $79.99]

What didn’t I list?  Jason Wu’s three piece ornament set for $49.99.  A Judith Leiber compact for $49.99.  Rodarte wrapping paper for $7.99.  Tory Burch lunchbox for $19.99.  Alice + Olivia bicycle for $499.99.

Check out the rest at the link below.

All pictures and info from Target.

  Other than a few high notes, overall, I was less than impressed.  I guess I was expecting something similar to what Target did with all their designers early last year–when they offered one or two highlight dresses from each past collaboration–for less than $50 a dress–all in one fell swoop.

So, what do you guys think?  Am I just being a Christmas Grinch, or are you kind of disappointed with this collection?

The Preppy Leopard’s must haves:  Thom Browne Blazer, rag & bone cardigan, Robert Rodriguez cocktail dress, Tracy Reese blouse