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Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook

26 Mar

When the news dropped that Lilly Pulitzer would be the next designer to collaborate with Target, I couldn’t have been more excited.  (One of my favorite things Target has ever done was the Jason Wu collaboration.)

I’m so excited to share the full look book (link here).  This collection is even cuter than I hoped for, and the pricing is amazing!

I’m not sure if it will help when the collection finally posts online, but you can click a little red heart on each item, and it seems to save to some kind of wishlist.  It may make checking out that much faster…especially with how this collection is going ot sell out fast.  Try logging in (or creating an account here) and then saving all your favorites.

Here are some of my must haves:

Button Down Shirt in Nosie Posie – $24

Satin Flounce Dress in Sea Urchin for You – $38

Shift Dress in Fan Dance – $38

Embroidered Clutch in Nosie Posie – $24

Gold Pineapple Sandals – $30

Halter Top in Pineapple Punch – $26

Shift Dress – My Fans – $38

Navy Cover Up – $32

Throw Pillows – $25

I definitely recommend you check out the full lookbook and start “hearting” your favorite pieces.

In the meantime, here are some of my tips to start planning your sale strategy.

1.  Make a List.  Write down all your must-haves.  It helps to have a game plan of exactly what you want.  It also helps to nail down your budget ahead of time so you can start saving.

2.  Buddy System.  Link of with friends (both local and out of state) and coordinate your attack.  This collection will probably be more popular down South, so if you have friends in Montana, they may experience a leisurely shopping time compared to your frantic grab and run.  It helps to share your lists, and then you can feel better knowing that even if your store doesn’t have something, your good old Montanan (sp? haha) buddy picked it up for you.

Buddies at the same store can help combat the resellers.  The Target resellers are probably some of the worst people on the planet.  They will shove you and take things from you and literally grab entire racks and stuff them in their carts.  (I once saw a woman bear hug an entire rack of dresses, yank them all off, and fill her cart.  It was gross.)

Personally, this year, I’m up to like an eight woman collective team.  We are intense about our Lilly.

3.  Shop Online!  The new collection normally drops around midnightish the day of, and it’s nice to be able to handpick all your choices without having to fight other bleary-eyed girls a few hours later.  Also remember that some items will only be available online.  That’s where your list comes in handy–you may have a BUY ONLINE list and a BUY IN STORE list.

4.  Ignore the Haters.  I have never seen a more snobbish backlash for a designer collaboration than with Lilly for Target.  (Just google Lilly for Target and a bunch of articles will pop up about the girls on Twitter whining.)  I’ve seen people lamenting the loss of quality to the loss of exclusivity.  Girls, you are seriously  making us all look like bratty, entitled women.

Do people now think of Liberty of London as a cheap brand?  What about Zac Posen?  Phillip Lim?  Proenza Schouler? Rodarte?  Alexander McQueen?  All these designers (and bunches more) have partnered with Target without any hit to their branding.  If anything, it’s cool to be able to afford a dress by Phillip Lim without having to drop a grand at Neiman Marcus.

As for quality, I guarantee most of the girls whining love to stroll through Target with their Starbucks in hand and stock up for spring break.  I don’t have super high expectations of my $24 Target sundress, but then again, I paid $24 for it.  (And honestly, I have dresses from Target that are years old that have held up just fine.)

I hope your mothers raised you right enough to live by that old Thumper adage from Bambi–if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.


What to Buy in the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

5 Jan

So, the Lilly Pulitzer site may be down already, but the first thing I do is always open up a full list of every sale item and keep that open in case it does go down.

Here’s some of what I’m seeing on the site, if it helps you guys plan!  You can do a Google Image search to grab pictures of each item.

Travel Pants for $39 (Five Colors!)

Corine T-Shirt Dress in Paws Off and Escapades in the Everglades for $39

Sarasota Beaded Tunic in Navy (SO PRETTY!) for $39

Beckett T-Shirt Dress (four colors!) for $39

Those were the only items I had up….but here are screenshots of everything in the sale.  I’ll keep updating this post!

ETA:  It looks like a lot has sold out already, but a bunch of other websites are jumping on board!

6PM has a ton of discounted Lilly that I didn’t see in the sale, and some of the prices are even better!

Westley Tunic – $39.20

Rogan Top in She She Shells – $55.20

Porter Top in Under the Palms – $27.20

Tate Skirt in Swim Lanes – $35.20

Marlisa Maxi in Let’s Cha Cha – $59.20

Elsa in Booze Cruise – $63.20

Tips on Shopping Lilly Pulitzer Online Sales

14 Aug

And so it begins.


Okay, so it’s not that serious, but here’s a round up of Lilly Pulitzer Sale Shopping tips that have helped me over the years.

What’s the big deal anyway?

Unless you live near an actual Lilly Pulitzer store or compete for the six dresses posted on Rue La La, chances are you don’t normally see Lilly Pulitzer on sale.  Like, anywhere.  There’s no sale section online (although, some of the online signature stores will have mark downs).

Twice a year, Lilly does a huge online sale on their main website here.  The prices are insanely low…even lower than the Warehouse Sale prices.  (See my write up here!)

Basically, these sales are the best.

Wait, prices are good?  How good are we talking here?

In the past, I’ve gotten Cassie dresses for $39.  Shoreline totes for $39.  Murfees for like $30.  I think the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought from the sale was a Let’s Cha Cha maxi dress for like $69.  (Yes, you read right.  A LCC maxi was at the sale.  it’s also where I got most of my You Gotta Regatta stuff!)

That’s insane.  So I can just roll over to the site and shop whenever?

You wish.  So, the sale will be starting this Monday at 8 AM EST, and will run until Thursday.  Normal people would think, wow, okay, maybe I’ll click around during my lunch break and pick up a few dresses.

You guys, this sale is serious business.  This is no casual, wonderful shopping experience.  Get ready for tears.  Frustration.  Site crashes.  Your dream dress selling out.

Here is my most important rule about the Lilly sales online:

All of the above will probably happen.  The site will crash.  You won’t be able to complete a transaction.  You’ll want to take to the Lilly FB page and vent about how you will NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN BECAUSE I LOST OUT ON GETTING MY FAVORITE MURFEE EVER I HAVE SEVEN KIDS TO SUPPORT AND I DESERVE THIS.  (I’m serious.  Reading the Lilly FB page during a sale is pretty entertaining.  We should make bingo cards.)

Well, that’s dumb that the site crashes.  They should buy more internet and be ready.  I am very angry.

(Yes, I have seen ladies say that before.)  Without getting into a super big technical explanation, you can’t just “buy” more internet.  A website is hosted on a server (along with a lot of other websites), and if traffic surges to several times its normal amount, it overloads that server and the website goes down.

Think of it like if you had a kid tugging on your arm asking for something.  You can handle that.  Heck, you could probably handle three kids asking you for something.  But, if seven thousand kids suddenly start pulling on you to get something, you’ll probably get overwhelmed and curl up in a fetal position. (Or just take this quiz…)

This happens to sites all the time.  (Twitter whale, anyone?) 

So, chill out, and channel that anger into some food.

Okay, I’m chill now.  So, practically, what should I do?

Lilly actually put out a list of sale tips, but if it’s all tl;dr, here’s some of the most helpful things to keep in mind.

1.  Create an account ahead of time and upload your payment information.

2.  Wake up early (like before 7 AM EST) and log into the site.  

Once the sale begins, things will begin to sell out super quickly.  If you are already logged in and have payment information ready, you can do fast checkouts with just clicking a few times.

3. Have multiple devices going.  Sometimes the site will load on one, but not the other.  I’ll shop on both my phone and my laptop.  Last sale, I ended up doing most of it off my iPhone, while my desktop site refused to process.

4.  Check out a million times.  Shipping is free during the sale, and it’s better to make a bunch of little transactions rather than wait to do one big one.  JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS IN YOUR CART DOES NOT MEAN IT IS YOURS.  (Again, that is one of my favorite rants to read on the FB page.  “It was in my cart, it was mine, and now it is gone!”  No. Sorry.  It’s not yours until you pay for it.)  Last year, I had like four separate orders, some of which just had one item.

5.  Thoughts on Teamwork.  

Here are my thoughts on teamwork.

Things sell out so quickly that if you spend time looking for your cousin’s best friend’s favorite print, then you might miss out on your own deals.

I think teamwork is great in most situations (like if you are at the Warehouse Sale), but when you are fighting bajillions of girls online who are salivating over lobster prints, I think it’s better to stay focused on your own list.

(Now, if you are buying a murfee and you know a friend will like it, by all means, snap up two.  But again, this whole process is so quick, you won’t have time.)

6.  Don’t be that girl.

Seriously.  Don’t take to Twitter, FB, Instagram and whine about how the site went down or how you missed out on the limited edition PGA Tour Murfee that is SO SUPER SPECIAL BECAUSE MY OMGBOYFRIEND PLAYS GOLF AND HE WILL KNOW MY EVERLASTING LOVE FOR HIM IS REAL IF I WEAR A GOLF THEMED SCARF

This is all of our faces in response to that type of behavior:

At the end of the day, it’s all just pretty printed fabric.  I promise you, even if you stumble out of there with a only cute Murfette clenched between your fingers, it will be okay.

Hope that helps!  Feel free to leave any other tips or sale shopping stories below.

xo Tier


She’s Alive! Europe, Lilly Pulitzer, and other Life Updates

20 Aug

I know, I know.  It’s been ages since I posted!  But, during that time, I spent two wonderful weeks exploring Europe with some great friends.   We made our way through Barcelona, Spain; Cannes, France; Monte Carlo, Monaco; Florence, Italy; Pisa, Italy; Roma, Italy; Athens, Greece; Santorini, Greece; Ephesus, Turkey; and Naples, Italy!  It was truly the trip of a lifetime, and I felt very blessed to be able to go.

I don’t know if I’ll do a ton of posts about our time there, but here are a few pictures of what I wore.  Dressing for Europe is tricky because you want to be comfortable and cool, but you also don’t want to stick out like a tourist!  I stuck to a lot of sundresses, and while I packed Toms to wear for walking around, I ended up sticking with my tried and true J.Crew flipflops.

lilly in santorini

I specifically packed this Lilly Pulitzer dress to wear while on Santorini–I thought the turquoise blue would match the buildings and water perfectly!  It’s one of my favorite prints — High Tide Toile!  So many people stopped me to say how much they loved the color, so I think I made the right decision!

target in athens

My BFF and I at the Acropolis in Greece.  I bought this Target dress in three different colors, and I’ve worn it consistently for the last few years!  Just goes to show that if you stick to classic shapes/colors, you can get a lot of wear out of your clothes.   And my trusty Longchamp, of course!

eshakti in rome


In Rome.  I’m a big fan of eShakti and their customize-able dresses, and I love the retro appeal of this navy style.  You can buy it here (and in different colors, too!)

So, obviously, Europe was amazing.  Since I’ve been back, I’ve been slammed with a lot of real-world stuff between work, church, and writing/editing like a madwoman.  As result, this poor blog’s been a little bit on the back burner.  With fall around the corner (wah!), hopefully I’ll be more consistent.


Okay.  Let’s talk about Lilly.  Any preppy girl worth her salt is well aware that the Endless Summer Sale kicked off yesterday.  The Preppy Princess has a great summary of the shift that went down yesterday, and needless to say, I was pretty frustrated.   But, persistence (and my trusty iPhone) paid off, and I was able to get a few pieces that I’ve been wanting forever!  (I ended up doing way less shopping in Europe than I expected, which worked out great because it gave me a bigger budget for my yearly Lilly Pulitzer splurge!  Plus, I sold some of my old clothing to make my Fall clothing allowance a little more robust.)

Here’s everything I got:

Shoreline tote in You Gotta Regatta

Obviously, I’m a sucker for any and all nautical prints.

Which is why I also picked up a Somerset in You Gotta Regatta as well.

I picked up two Murfees–Lucky Charm and Gimme Some Leg.   My office is always freezing, so scarves are a good idea year round.  I’m so excited about Gimme Some Leg–those flamingos are SO HAPPY!

Speaking of happy flamingos, I also got the Cassie in A Little Leg:

Continuing with my navy obsession, a Somerset in Hey Sailor:

So, normally, when I do some serious sale shopping, I tend to stick to things that are super cheap.  Everything I’ve posted so far was $39 or under!  But, sometimes you see a dress, and you just know that it’s meant to be.  That was the case with the Caldwell Dress in Schooner Blue Dock.  I loved it when it was full price, and I had a feeling I’d really regret it if I didn’t snag it now!  It’s usually almost $300, and I got it for $89–which was more than I wanted to spend, but I’m glad I did.  (Also, SO GLAD I didn’t use all my Europe shopping money!  It really came in handy here!)

 Lastly, I picked up a navy/gold Scallop belt.  I belt EVERYTHING in my life, and I thought the design was classic and cute.

I also got this Wiley tube top in Clam Jam from a Rue La La sale–only $19!!!!  Rue La La is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to buy Lilly.  The prices are so good!  The only catch is that stuff sells out pretty quickly, so you have to have fast fingers.  If you want to join, you can click here for an invite link.  They also have a lot of Jack Rogers and Vineyard Vines!

What was your experience with the Endless Summer Sale?  Did you guys get anything awesome?!

Lilly Pulitzer’s New Year Cheer Sale

3 Jan

I feel like this sale came out of nowhere, but I’m not complaining!

Lilly Pulitzer so rarely goes on sale, so when the brand does offer markdowns–they are usually pretty amazing.  I’m not so much into the traditional Lilly florals, but she does have some adorable nautical prints I can’t resist!

Here’s some of my favorite picks from the sale!

Somerset Dress in You Gotta Regatta – $39  (I got this one!)

Cassie Dress in White Summer Classic – $39
(And this one too!)

Cassie Dress in Ahoy There – $39

Anjelica Dress in Fancy Feast (yes, that is a cat print!) – $99

There’s a lot more cute stuff, but things are literally disappearing as I click on them.  My recommendation is that if you see something you like, buy it!  It’s free shipping, so you can place multiple orders and not have to worry about the shipping charges.  It helps you make sure you get the stuff you like!

Did anyone get anything awesome from the sale?