The Worst Gift Guide Ever

12 Dec

Today, I am going to share a collection of some of the worst (best?) gifts you could buy someone this holiday season.

This post is fake-sponsored by Urban Outfitters.  UO, what drugs are you on?  Seriously.  This stuff is weird.

First up, we have lobster claw…hand…glove…things.

….in what world did an Urban Outfitters executive look at his designer team and think, “Yes.  This is what the world needs.  Make it happen.”

If you decide you need your own pair, they are a steal at $35 (with an additional 20% off!)

Next up, we have a blast from the past.  That sassy rainbow unicorn that starred in all of our favorite back-to-school folders.

Do you miss the days when you could close your eyes and imagine that you were the rainbow Lisa Frank unicorn?  Has your imagination faded away with your age?  Well, don’t worry! Even adults with no imagination can live out their dreams with this beautiful rainbow head mask…thing.  And it’s only $35.

If you’re worried your SO will be left out of the Lisa Frank themed animal mask wearing fun, then don’t worry!  You can pick up the ballerina bunny head as well!

Continuing our animal head theme, we have two lovely options if your friend is someone you’ve suspected of possibly being a serial killer.

We have Cat Mask and also…

the Crow mask, which may come in handy if your serial killer friend has a serious Edgar Allen Poe obsession.  (Wait..someone should totally make a TV show about serial killers who love Edgar Allen–oh, never mind.  That would never work.)

Have you ever looked at your hands and been embarrassed?  Maybe they’re too small, or your fingers are short and stubby.  Guys, don’t worry! Urban Outfitters has got a solution for you!


Man Hands!

Simply slide these giant rubber hands over your own and save yourself from the embarrassment of your tiny, woman hands.

Are you confused about what to get your hipster cousin who lives in Portland?

Don’t worry, guys.  I have a solution.

How about a leather bike grip set?

Now when they do their midnight protest rides around the streets of Portland with their hand-knit free range wool sweaters and ironic mustaches, all their friends will be totally jealous of these artisan bike grips.

What do you buy the plumber who has it all?

That’s easy.

A rustic pipe table for $200.

Carefully extricated from the dumpster behind the UO Headquarters, this exquisite piece has been lovingly wiped down with Windex and is ready to be shining star of your home!

What do you get a totally bro who has really rich parents and already gets everything he wants?

That’s easy.

A handcrafted, vintage football for $145.  He will be the envy of all his frat bros whenever he pulls out this beautifully stitched pigskin for the annual clam bake down at the beach. (But hurry!  Apparently these are ALMOST SOLD OUT!)

Is your office always cold?  Do you find yourself wishing you could wrap up in something warm and cozy while still commanding a respectable position at work?

Well, have I got a solution for you.

A bear coat.  Just slide this baby on, and you will command the fear and respect you deserve while still being toasty warm.

The duties of Man’s best friend have just been expanded.

Are you dating an Amish guy, but can’t give up the opportunity to read at bedtime?

Trick them into thinking you eschew electricity too by employing a solar power mason jar night light!  The gentle warm glow suggests a host of lightning bugs or even a small candle.  No one has to know!

So these next few are pretty specific to me…and they might not be the worst gifts ever, but I probably wouldn’t buy them for anyone…

A Diet Coke Christmas tree ornament.  For $12.  Because I can’t just hang up all my already empty cans and call it a day.

The Crazy Cat Lady Board Game would be a great gift for the single girls in your life!

For the fashion blogger in your life…

I guarantee if you wear this unicorn horn to NYFW this spring, you will be photographed by nearly everyone.

Also for your fashion blogging friend….

A stylish sleeping bag that can double as a maxi dress!  OMG!

For your friend who loves camping…

That way if they have to pee in the middle of the night, they won’t have to leave the warmth of their sleeping bag!

OR, you could do an epic double gift, and upgrade to the sandwich tent for an extra $785.

If you have $400 to burn and have always wanted a pet zebra, I’d say this is a winning combination:

Imagine taking your new majestic inflatable zebra for a walk on a spring afternoon in the park.  You’ll be so popular!

Okay, this next one, I’d actually buy if it wasn’t $84.

A cat yoga mat.  YES.  And so ironic that it’s a cat, but he’s doing updog…oh, nevermind.

Urban Outfitters, I really want to thank you.  This was actually probably the worst best gift guide I’ve ever made.

I wish y’all a Christmas filled with lobster claws and sandwich tents.

xoxoxo Tierney


The Lucky Knot Gift Guide – Under $50

8 Dec

I love supporting local businesses and American-made products, so I was quite excited to partner up with The Lucky Knot.  The Lucky Knot is located in Alexandria, Virginia (about thirty minutes from me!), and in addition to offering a great selection of nautical, classic clothing and gifts, they also actively look for American-made products to sell in store.

Some of my favorite brands are carried in store, including Barbour, Elizabeth McKay, Fraternity Collection, Jack Rogers, Jonathan Adler, Kiel James Patrick, Lilly Pulitzer, Rowdy Gentlemen, Southern Proper, Smathers & Branson, and Vineyard Vines.

The Lucky Knot has created a special discount code for all Preppy Leopard readers–if you use code TIERDEAR (my Instagram name!), you can take an extra 15% off your purchase.

Here are some of my picks for fun Christmas (or anytime!) gifts:

Gifts Under $50

(Note:  All the prices listed include the 15% off that comes from using the TIERDEAR promo code!)

My favorite kind of fair isle sweater perfectly walks the line between cheesy and classic.  This reindeer fair isle pullover is only $38.

This nautical Kiel James Patrick bow bracelet is $34.

Fornash Horsebit Gold Necklace – $38

Reversible Blanket Scarf – $34

Southern Proper Tartan Hat – $23

USA Flag Belt – $34

High Tide Fleece Vest – $42

Anchor Neck Tie – $33

Rowdy Gentlemen Tank – $23 (Confession:  I have this one already!  I wore it to an activity at church once, and all the old guys got a kick out of it.)

That anchor fleece vest is actually on my Christmas list–it just looks so cozy!

Thanks to the Lucky Knot for the discount code, and I hope you guys end up loving their store as much as I do!

Black Friday Sales 2014

21 Nov

(If only I had a Dorota to take shopping with me…otherwise, I will be safe at home away from the nutso crowds.  Good thing a lot of retailers do their sales online too!)

I’ll try to keep this list as updated as possible!

American Eagle – Take 40% off everything! (What to buy? A cozy sweater poncho!)

ASOS –  Take 30% off everything  (What to buy?  A leopard coat in tan or green!)

Banana Republic – Take 50% off one item and then 40% off the rest of your purchase.  (What to buy? A cozy sweater dress or a gold pleated skirt.)

Club Monaco – 20% off $200; 25% off $300; 30% off $500 (plus sale is 30% off and clearance is 50% off!) (What to buy? A navy/shearling coat or tortoise shell sunglasses.)

Equipment – Take 25% off all full-price merchandise (What to buy? A black floral blouse or a leopard sweater.)

J.Crew – 30% off full price and 40% off clearance (What to buy? Zippered dress or a perfect party dress.)

J.Crew Factory – Take 50% off everything.  (What to buy? Buffalo Plaid Coat or a Gingham puffer vest.)

Joe Fresh – Take 50% off regular prices  (What to buy?  A silk leopard top or black fringe skirt.)

Gant – Seasonal sale for 40% off (What to buy? A nautical poncho.)

The Limited – Take 50% off everything plus free shipping.  (What to buy? A lace party dress or anything from the Scandal collection.

L.K. Bennett (One of Kate Middleton’s faves!) Fall pieces are 30% off (What to buy? A ladylike trench.)

Lulu & Georgia – 20% off $250; 25% off $500; 30% off $1000 (What to buy? Basically all of these prints.)

Madewell – Take 25% off your purchase  (What to buy?  Gorgeous leather riding boots or leopard/leather booties.)

Old Navy – Take 50% off everything (What to buy? I’m obsessed with this plaid vest.  Buy all the vests.)

Shopbop – 15% off $250; 20% off $500; 25% off $500 (What to buy?  Tory Burch Revas!)

Toms – Take 25% off everything (What to buy? Red plaid classics!)

Whistles – Take 30% off everything (What to buy? A navy/black dress or a green print skirt.)

Style Inspiration – Jess from New Girl

20 Nov

While my love affair with preppy layers will never die, I don’t often address the “leopard” part of my blog name.  I picked “The Preppy Leopard” for more reasons than my favorite color being leopard print.  It’s more about my fondness for classic, vintage 1950’s pieces–swingy dresses and red lipstick and ballet flats.

I always say that my pop culture style inspirations is a  mix of Blair Waldorf meets Dita Von Teese, but lately, I’ve really been loving Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess in New Girl.  (Confession:  I definitely had to copy/paste the spelling of her name.  I also mentally pronounce her name ZOO-ey even though I know it’s ZOE-y.  I’m a weirdo.)

There are some really great style sites out there (like Dress Like New Girl and Worn on TV’s New Girl section) that break down what Jess wears every week.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the show (along with links to similar dresses):

Picture from Dress Like New Girl

I loved everything about the navy/plaid dress worn in the most recent episode “Teachers”.  You can actually buy it from ModCloth for $124.99 (and if you sign up for emails, you can save $20).

There’s also a lighthouse (!!!!!!) version of this on sale for $87.

Picture from Dress Like New Girl

Another look from “Teachers”, and while the green is sold out on Modcloth, the brand of the dress (Dear Creatures) has a ton of vintage-y dresses available on their site.

Piper Dress in Berry

Celine Dress in Navy (only $47!)

Julie Dress in Mustard/Navy (also only $47)

The minute I saw this dress, I yelled I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE at my poor roommate.  I couldn’t find a good screenshot of the back (which is the best part!) so I just took my own.  (Also, I love the red ribbon in her hair.  Just perfect.)

The dress is by Trashy Diva (what a name!) and is $150 here.

Tips on dressing like Jess:

1.  Take a retro dress

2.  Add a cardigan

3.  Finish with ballet flats

Pretty much the easiest style motto ever.

Here are some more Jess-inspired looks I love:

Modcloth – under $50!

Modcloth – $52

Modcloth – $54

Modcloth – $55

I feel like Jess’ style on New Girl is reflective of Zooey’s individual style.  While it’s not available anymore online, the collection she did with Tommy Hilfiger was full of vintage, nautical goodness.

I would have snagged more than a few pieces, but everything was so short that I don’t think I could have made it work on me.

Lastly, here’s a big photo dump of proof that Jess and me are basically the same person.

Nordstrom Sale Picks

5 Nov

I could write a fancy intro to this, but y’all don’t want to hear me talk.  You just want to dance shop.

Trouve Pleated Skirt

Fair Isle Sweater (also in white)

Cableknit Sweater (in four colors!)  

(It’s a good way to get that fisherman sweater look without breaking the bank)

I actually own this faux leather jacket.  It’s great over a dress for work and with jeans on the weekend.

Hunter Boots (40% off!)

Michael Kors wrap dress

Knit Tunic (under $40!)

Zebra Cashmere Sweater

These Vince Camuto boots remind me of the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 version that everyone is freaking out about, but for about 1/5 of the price.

This Marc Jacobs x Pendleton coat is basically wishful thinking.  It’s so pretty though.  If you don’t care so much about the Marc Jacobs connection, here’s a similar option just from Pendleton.

Other cute picks are fox-print Toms, Tory Burch Eloise flats, Tory Burch Eloise riding boots, Michael Kors leopard print flats,

Preppy Picks from the SHOPBOP F&F Sale

15 Oct

The SHOPBOP Friends and Family sale is a little overwhelming–I mean, you have like 13,000 things to sift through.

Luckily, you have a great friend (aka ME!) to go through pages and pages of coats and boots and sweaters and round up the best of the best.

Some of my tips for shopping a sale like this is to focus on pieces that are classic (no super trendy platform sneakers, please) or that don’t normally go on sale (like the Tory Burch Revas).

First up, in the Tory Burch group, we have….the Revas.  These are usually not included in the Tory Burch website sales, so the SHOPBOP sale is a great time to pick them up.  (I’ve bought two pairs in the past during this sale!)

The 25% off takes them down to $168.75, which is a pretty great price for shoes you’ll wear every day.  (I’ve completely worn out two pairs of these.)

Colors included are classic black, royal tan, and snakeskin.  A similar style to the Reva is the Serena, which is a two toned suede.

One of my Tory Burch disclaimers is that Revas are a $!&# to break in.  There will be blood.  (Haha.  Okay, not that extreme.)  But they can be painful for the first few wears until the leather starts molding to your foot.  If you want to skip that whole breaking in period but get a similar look, I recommend the Caroline flat.  The elastic is super comfy, and they aren’t as stiff as the Reva.  In the sale, they come in classic black, navy, and a pretty wine.

My last Tory Burch shoe recommendation are the Miller Sandals.  Even though some of us won’t be able to rock these until next spring, they are a comfy, timeless sandal.

Now onto sweaters.

A chunky cable-knit from 525 America

A swingy sweater dress from Club Monaco

Obviously had to include the leopard critter cashmere.

BB Dakota Collar Sweater


Great time to invest in a classic DVF wrap dress

Cobalt Zipper Dress

Norma Kamali knit dress

Equipment Leopard Dress

Into coats…

Madewell Colorblock Coat

Mackage Wool Plaid Coat

Your Fall Shopping List

22 Sep

Really, this post is more selfish than anything else.  I just need a place to list all the clothes on my fall wish list.  (Also, this is a good way to continue my habit of continuing to twin every day with my Insta-BFF, Robin Van Crabb aka the brilliant mind behind my new fav blog The Dress Decoded.)

So basically, if you like critter prints, wool, or plaid, come on a shopping adventure with me!  (Another disclaimer:  There’s a lot of Brooks Brothers new Red Fleece label.  It’s basically a more affordable collection of the Brooks Brothers staples we preppy girls know and love.  Plus, if you shop today, you can save an extra 25% off with code FF25.)

Cardigan + Pleated Skirt

Tennis Sweater

Blackwatch Plaid Dress

Cotton Shirt Dress

Dog Sweater + Herringbone Skirt

Quilted Wool + Plaid Dress

We’re switching over to Talbot’s now, which I know a lot of people think is where their grandmothers shop, but the store is actually home to a lot of classic, well-made pieces that will round out any closet.

Mallard Critter Print Oxford

(All tops are buy one, get one 50% off right now!)

Fox Print Silk Shirt

Leopard Print Coat

Rainy Day Sweater

Animal / Stripes Tee

Next up is a gorgeous nautically retro coat from Boden.

This coat is so gorgeous.  I literally can’t even.  (Actually, you can even.  Here’s your new wallpaper.  You’re welcome.)

Soldier Sweater