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Style Inspiration – Jess from New Girl

20 Nov

While my love affair with preppy layers will never die, I don’t often address the “leopard” part of my blog name.  I picked “The Preppy Leopard” for more reasons than my favorite color being leopard print.  It’s more about my fondness for classic, vintage 1950’s pieces–swingy dresses and red lipstick and ballet flats.

I always say that my pop culture style inspirations is a  mix of Blair Waldorf meets Dita Von Teese, but lately, I’ve really been loving Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess in New Girl.  (Confession:  I definitely had to copy/paste the spelling of her name.  I also mentally pronounce her name ZOO-ey even though I know it’s ZOE-y.  I’m a weirdo.)

There are some really great style sites out there (like Dress Like New Girl and Worn on TV’s New Girl section) that break down what Jess wears every week.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the show (along with links to similar dresses):

Picture from Dress Like New Girl

I loved everything about the navy/plaid dress worn in the most recent episode “Teachers”.  You can actually buy it from ModCloth for $124.99 (and if you sign up for emails, you can save $20).

There’s also a lighthouse (!!!!!!) version of this on sale for $87.

Picture from Dress Like New Girl

Another look from “Teachers”, and while the green is sold out on Modcloth, the brand of the dress (Dear Creatures) has a ton of vintage-y dresses available on their site.

Piper Dress in Berry

Celine Dress in Navy (only $47!)

Julie Dress in Mustard/Navy (also only $47)

The minute I saw this dress, I yelled I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE at my poor roommate.  I couldn’t find a good screenshot of the back (which is the best part!) so I just took my own.  (Also, I love the red ribbon in her hair.  Just perfect.)

The dress is by Trashy Diva (what a name!) and is $150 here.

Tips on dressing like Jess:

1.  Take a retro dress

2.  Add a cardigan

3.  Finish with ballet flats

Pretty much the easiest style motto ever.

Here are some more Jess-inspired looks I love:

Modcloth – under $50!

Modcloth – $52

Modcloth – $54

Modcloth – $55

I feel like Jess’ style on New Girl is reflective of Zooey’s individual style.  While it’s not available anymore online, the collection she did with Tommy Hilfiger was full of vintage, nautical goodness.

I would have snagged more than a few pieces, but everything was so short that I don’t think I could have made it work on me.

Lastly, here’s a big photo dump of proof that Jess and me are basically the same person.

Nordstrom Sale Picks

5 Nov

I could write a fancy intro to this, but y’all don’t want to hear me talk.  You just want to dance shop.

Trouve Pleated Skirt

Fair Isle Sweater (also in white)

Cableknit Sweater (in four colors!)  

(It’s a good way to get that fisherman sweater look without breaking the bank)

I actually own this faux leather jacket.  It’s great over a dress for work and with jeans on the weekend.

Hunter Boots (40% off!)

Michael Kors wrap dress

Knit Tunic (under $40!)

Zebra Cashmere Sweater

These Vince Camuto boots remind me of the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 version that everyone is freaking out about, but for about 1/5 of the price.

This Marc Jacobs x Pendleton coat is basically wishful thinking.  It’s so pretty though.  If you don’t care so much about the Marc Jacobs connection, here’s a similar option just from Pendleton.

Other cute picks are fox-print Toms, Tory Burch Eloise flats, Tory Burch Eloise riding boots, Michael Kors leopard print flats,

4th of July Sale List

3 Jul

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays of the year, and if you find time between grilling, swimming, shooting, and celebrating our great nation for a little shopping, here’s a list of some killer sales going on right now!

Anthropologie – Save an extra 20% off sale prices with code BUZZ20

Preppy Picks:  Chambray Shirt Dress, Striped Dress, Leopard Sandals

Modcloth – Select items 50% off

Preppy Picks:  Black Scallop Dress, Sailboat Dress, Sailor Dress

Banana Republic – 40% off with code BRJULY

Preppy Picks:  Striped Dress, Navy/White Dress, Oxford Shirt Dress

Nautica – Save an extra 50% off sale prices with code USA50

Preppy Picks:  USA Polo, Flag Sweater, Cropped Trench

Henry & Belle – 20% off with Happy4th  (These are my current favorite jeans!)

Preppy Picks:  Stretch Straight, Ideal Ankle

J.Crew – Save an extra 40% off sale prices with code SHOPMORE

Preppy Picks:  Field Jacket, Fish Swimsuit, Schoolboy Blazer

Joules – Save an extra 20% off sale prices (No code needed)

Preppy Picks:  Rainboots, Sneakers, Rainjacket

Deal of the Day – Barbour Beadnell Jacket via Tuckernuck

30 Jun

One item that’s been at the very top of my wish list for years has been Barbour’s Beadnell Jacket.  These coats are so durable that I once met a women who has been wearing the same jacket since the 1970’s.  (That kind of quality seems rare in the days of hole-ridden J.Crew knits and F21’s fast fashion.)

The price tag always made me a little hesitant though, so I was thrilled when I figured out how to get a brand new Barbour coat for less than what they sell used for on eBay.

Right now, Tuckernuck is offering an amazing deal through Gilt – if you spend $100, you can get a $200 gift card to their store.  (Or spend $50 to get $100.)

But, if you use this link to sign up, you can save 25% off your first order through Gilt, so you’re actually getting $200 to Tuckernuck for only $75.  (Disclaimer:  If you use that link, I get 25% off my next order too.)

If you apply that $200 credit to the Barbour of your choice (like the Beadnell), the price comes down to $179.

I think I’ll even get mine monogrammed!

(PS:  For a great review and discussion about Barbour, check out Muffy’s post comparing two different styles.)

Sarah from CGWP

From the Tuckernuck Lookbook

Kate Middleton!

The 2014 Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale Review & Tips

9 Jun

This past weekend, I was able to go to the Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

My dress matched the jeep!

(A quick background on the sale… While the brick-and-mortar Lilly stores have small sale sections, Lilly Pulitzer isn’t like most retailers where they have a constant sale section online.  Instead, they have several big sales each year–normally two online sales, one in January called New Year Cheer, and one in August called Endless Summer Sale.  Then, there is usually one-two warehouse sales in Pennsylvania.  However, this year, there’s only one warehouse sale.  In my opinion, I think it’s because they’ve started selling via Rue La La and don’t need two massive sales to move their clearance.)

I’ve had a lot of girls ask me via Instagram and email whether or not the Warehouse Sale is worth it.  (There’s also a good deal of discussion on the Relilly and Shifting Lilly Facebook groups.)  A lot of girls seem to think it’s not worth it because of the reduced amount of inventory and increased amount of shoppers.

Here’s my opinion.

If you live close enough to Pennsylvania to make the drive in a reasonable amount of time, I think it’s worth a visit.  I live in Northern Virginia, and I was able to leave on Thursday around 12 PM and make it to PA by 4 PM to shop before the sale closed.  I knew I didn’t want to drive back that night, so I got a cheap hotel room under $100 nearby and spent the night.  Then, I shopped Friday morning, and then got home by 6 PM on Friday.  (Quite a whirlwind 24 hours!)

What I packed for my trip!

A lot of the press for this sale comes from the fact that some Lilly lovers are willing to start camping out earlier in the week in order be one of the first let into the sale.  (By camping out, I mean people pitched tents and had air mattresses and slept outside for a few days.)  I have to be honest–as much as I love Lilly, I think the only way you’re getting me to sleep outside for days is to guarantee I get a bajillion dollar gift card for free.

Are there perks to camping out?  Yes.  See, the best part of the sale is a section called Samples and Seconds. This is where the best deals are found on items that have been returned, samples that never made it to production, or clothes used in visual displays.  This section has a lot of treasures, but it never gets restocked.  Being the first person to start digging would definitely have its perks.

But, do you have to camp out to get the deals?

Not at all.  I arrived at the sale around 4 PM on Thursday.  After waiting in line outside for maybe ten minutes, I got my giant pink bag and went inside.

The first few seconds is definitely a little overwhelming–there is SO MUCH STUFF and SO MANY PEOPLE.  I took a moment to get my bearings, and then dove into the Sample section.

At this point, I started grabbing anything in prints I liked or my size.  This is not the time to agonize over each selection, but instead, take now, and analyze later.  After about ten minutes, my bag got so heavy that my shoulder was aching, but I didn’t want to lose my spot.  I kept filling it until I’d made it through all the different sample boxes, and then I retreated to a quieter corner to sort.

Things I found?  The best were the Elsa blouses for $15 and $20 (both printed and solid).  I also grabbed a shell-printed maxi for $20 for a friend who was coming later that night, and a hot pink lace dress for $30.  Murfees for $30, and then a Shoreline tote for $34.  There was a Loopy tunic for $40, and a silk Escape Artist top for $30.

Once I finished the samples, I spotted a Daylin dress in Bubbly print.  (The navy with white octoupuses.  Octopi?)  Right as I started going over to get, another girl grabbed it and stuffed it into her bag.  The very competitive part of me wanted to try to snatch it back from her, but then I calmed down and realized I shouldn’t freak out over printed fabric.

In the corner, an older lady was guarding a big pile of clothes, and I saw the dress hanging near her.  So, I went over and asked her if she was going to be keeping that dress or if I could have it.  She was very sweet and said she was going to keep it, but that she would keep her eyes peeled for me and grab my size if I saw it.  (That was another thing about this sale–I didn’t have a bad experience at all.  Most people are very kind if you treat them with kindness first, and this lady checked in with me a few times to see if I found it yet.)

After checking the entire gigantic room for my Bubbly Daylin dress, I finally realized that there was a big, curtained off section where associates were hanging clothes back up and bringing them back to the floor.  If you are looking for something specific, this is a great place to wait.  (As each rack came out, girls would descend on it like locusts.  It was pretty funny to watch.)  Finally, I got a little tired of waiting, so I asked an associate if she wouldn’t mind checking for my size for me.  She said she really wasn’t supposed to, but then smiled and said she’d do it.  A few minutes later, she emerged with my dress!  (Again, I think being kind just gets you places.)

lilly haul

(My Haul from Day One!  I’m going to estimate that everything here was about $400 total.  The total retail value was close to $1600!)

At this point, it was close to 6:30, and I knew I needed to leave to go meet Caroline for dinner.  (See my interview with her here!)  The line for checkout seemed really long, but it moved quick enough.  I was out by 7 PM.

lilly line

After dinner, I got some sleep and planned to be up early to shop on Friday.  We got up around 5 AM to grab coffee, and then was in line for the sale at 6 AM.  We were in the first group to be let in when it opened at 7 AM, and again, we beelined right for the sample section.

I didn’t get as much on Friday…mostly because the sample section was looking pretty depleted.  I did snag a Coraline dress for my friend for like $40, and in return, she found me a silk Loopy tank for $20.  (One that I really wanted when it was full price–glad I waited!)  I also found one more Elsa for $20.

I also got these pants for like $20, but I’m a little terrified to actually wear them.

When you check out from the Warehouse Sale, you receive a coupon to be used at the Lilly Pulitzer King of Prussia Sale.  So, we headed over, and because I had a little bit of leftover money, I got a Riley Infinity scarf in Tusk In Sun print and an Eliza Dress in the Spa Blue Let’s Cha Cha.  (Weirdly, neither one is available online, but if you call the store, they should be able to get it for you!)

It was quite a Lilly filled weekend, that’s for sure.  If I had to leave you with any final advice, it’d be:

1.   Manage Your Expectations.  (This is actually great life advice too.)  If you go to the sale and hope that you score your holy grail dress for $20, then you will be disappointed.  For me, I went hoping to snag a few pieces at a great price and have a good time.  I was not disappointed.

2.  Know Your Lilly.  I’m a wee-bit obsessed with Lilly, mostly because I spend a lot of time researching prints and buying/selling used pieces.  When you are digging through boxes at light speed, it helps to know the intrinsic value of things.  I grabbed certain pieces because I recognized the print, or because I know a certain style is hard to find.  I actually started laughing at one point.  My shopping buddy and I are both very educated in the art of Lilly, and at one point, we had a few ladies following us around and waiting for us to sort through our  bags so they could have the leftovers.

3.  Know Your Size.  If you have any modicum of modesty, trying things on here can be nightmarish.  There is a huge communal dressing room where everyone just strips down and tries items on, but people were also just stripping on the main floor.  (In front of Dads!  And Boyfriends!  Ugh, I’m like cringing thinking about it.)  The dressing room wasn’t so bad, but the line to get in was super long.  I shopped super quick because I pretty much know what will fit me and what won’t.  (I also wore a very light knit dress that I could wear underneath anything I tried on over my clothes.)

4.  Use the Buddy System.  I was lucky enough to have a few ladies I’m already friends with that I knew would be at the sale.  (One of them was one of the first hundred camping out in line!)  Bless her heart, she took some time Thursday morning to snag me FOUR Elsas for $20 each.  (I didn’t end up loving every single color, but I know I can resell those on eBay pretty quickly!  Nothing like making back the cost of your trip!)  I also shopped in person with another friend, and we pulled things for each other.  Two sets of eyes are better than one!  It also helps to let your buddies know your sizes and favorite prints.

5.  Know Your Budget.  It’s always smart to go in with a budget, mostly because it’s easy to start freaking out and wanting to buy everything because it’s cheap.  Being able to sit in the corner and objectively sort through my bag and figure out what I actually wanted and what I wanted just because it was on sale was important, and it helped me not make impulsive decisions.

Meeting some fellow Lilly Lovers!

Did anyone else go to the sale?  Did you get anything good?  Or do you have any other tips that could help people next year?  Let me know!

Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale – Preppy Picks!

21 May

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year – the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale!

Here’s some of my favorite picks from the sale:

Tory Burch Miller Sandals – 33% off

Michael Kors Watch – 40% off

Nautical Striped Cardigan – only $29

Northface Grizzly Pack Jacket – 25% off

Diane von Fursternberg Wrap Dress – 40% off  (More of an investment piece!)

Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals (in a few colors) – 33% off

Halogen Bow Pumps – 33% off

Sperry Katama Flat – only $40

Vince Camuto Striped Maxi – 40% off

Robbi & Nikki Ruffle Front Tank – only $44

MY FAVORITE SKIRT OF ALL TIME IS ONLY $35.  If you buy anything, get the Vince Camuto Midi Tube skirt.  It’s amazing.

Ralph Lauren Skirted Trench – 40% off

Felicity and Coco Maxi Dress – $52

Ted Baker Stretch Dress – $116

Tahari Scallop Shift – 40% off

Kentucky Derby Style Inspiration

29 Apr

With the Kentucky Derby kicking off this Saturday, it’s time for all the blogs to start posting their best derby dresses.  While attending the Derby is near the top of my bucket list, I’ve only been to a few local races/polo matches here in Virginia, and I always assumed what I wore there (cute sundress/hat) would suffice.  Right?


Think more formal outdoor wedding than cutesy cotton dresses.  (Although, there are a lot of girls in cutesy cotton, I’ve always rather be overdressed than underdressed.)

Pic Credits – Elle’s Kentucky Derby Lookbooks #1 and #2

Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2014 – The Full Line

25 Apr

Once again, Lilly Pulitzer has absolutely blown me away with their prints for Summer 2014.  I’m a girl who can’t resist a good nautical motif, and after this past spring where I was a little underwhelmed by their line, I’m so excited for everything for summer.

The first round of summer prints and styles are available now at Lilly Pulitzer, but I also have some of the sketches for what will be coming later this season.

Here are some of my favorite things:

Sarasota Beaded Tunic in Lobstah Roll print

Cordon Dress in Jellies Be Jammin

Eliza Dress in Jellies Be Jammin

Skipper Popover in Lobstah Roll

Mills Maxi Dress in Jellies Be Jammin

McCallum Fitted Dress in Sparks Fly (it glows in the dark! how cool!)

Now for the sketches!

Looks like summer will be the time when former Holy Grail prints, Let’s Cha Cha and Tusk In Sun, will be making reappearances in new colors!  Still following the nautical theme, there’s a lot more blue-hues.  I’m just taking a sampling so you can see all the different prints. As always, each print will be in multiple styles.  Personally, I love knowing what’s coming so that I can budget for the rest of the season.

Here is the Janice Shift in Let’s Cha Cha (Spa Blue)

The Shianne Dress in Montauk print

Sloane Dress in Oh Cabana Boy

Alden Tunic Dress in Northeast Hahba (look at the lobsters!)

Shore Dress in Quahog Chowdah

(I know Quahog is an actual place, but I still think of Family Guy every time I hear it.)

Rogan Top in She She Shells

Sarah Tunic Dress in Shape Up or Ship

I know this isn’t a print, but I think it’s just a gorgeous dress.  It’s the Sea Island Tuni

Parrish Dress in Sea and Be Seen

Dusk Maxi Dress in Shell Shacked

Lindamarie Caftan in Skipping Stones

Here it is!  The Eliza in Tusk In Sun.  I guess we did have a sneak preview with the January Elsa of the Month

Delia Shift Dress in Watch Out

Emmett Maxi Dress in Yacht Yard Engineered

Chowdah Necklace

New Arrivals at Lands’ End

19 Feb

So much nautical, Lilly-inspired goodness, but mostly, I just wanted to share two of the cutest sweaters of my life…

Flamingo Sweater

Pineapple Sweater

Striped Knit Polo Dress

Pineapple Print Polo

Nautical Striped Blazer

Seahorse Print Coverup

Lilly Pulitzer/Vineyard Vines Spring 2014

29 Jan

Nothing like dreaming over the newly released spring lines to help you forget the miserableness that is the polar vortex.

Here’s some of the things I  loved:

Iona Shell in Gate Hopping

Delia Shift Dress in Gate Hopping

Robyn Short Sleeve Dress in Behind the Gate

Athena Crochet Sweater

Mainsail Dress

Waterfall Cardigan