Style Inspiration – Jess from New Girl

20 Nov

While my love affair with preppy layers will never die, I don’t often address the “leopard” part of my blog name.  I picked “The Preppy Leopard” for more reasons than my favorite color being leopard print.  It’s more about my fondness for classic, vintage 1950’s pieces–swingy dresses and red lipstick and ballet flats.

I always say that my pop culture style inspirations is a  mix of Blair Waldorf meets Dita Von Teese, but lately, I’ve really been loving Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess in New Girl.  (Confession:  I definitely had to copy/paste the spelling of her name.  I also mentally pronounce her name ZOO-ey even though I know it’s ZOE-y.  I’m a weirdo.)

There are some really great style sites out there (like Dress Like New Girl and Worn on TV’s New Girl section) that break down what Jess wears every week.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the show (along with links to similar dresses):

Picture from Dress Like New Girl

I loved everything about the navy/plaid dress worn in the most recent episode “Teachers”.  You can actually buy it from ModCloth for $124.99 (and if you sign up for emails, you can save $20).

There’s also a lighthouse (!!!!!!) version of this on sale for $87.

Picture from Dress Like New Girl

Another look from “Teachers”, and while the green is sold out on Modcloth, the brand of the dress (Dear Creatures) has a ton of vintage-y dresses available on their site.

Piper Dress in Berry

Celine Dress in Navy (only $47!)

Julie Dress in Mustard/Navy (also only $47)

The minute I saw this dress, I yelled I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE at my poor roommate.  I couldn’t find a good screenshot of the back (which is the best part!) so I just took my own.  (Also, I love the red ribbon in her hair.  Just perfect.)

The dress is by Trashy Diva (what a name!) and is $150 here.

Tips on dressing like Jess:

1.  Take a retro dress

2.  Add a cardigan

3.  Finish with ballet flats

Pretty much the easiest style motto ever.

Here are some more Jess-inspired looks I love:

Modcloth – under $50!

Modcloth – $52

Modcloth – $54

Modcloth – $55

I feel like Jess’ style on New Girl is reflective of Zooey’s individual style.  While it’s not available anymore online, the collection she did with Tommy Hilfiger was full of vintage, nautical goodness.

I would have snagged more than a few pieces, but everything was so short that I don’t think I could have made it work on me.

Lastly, here’s a big photo dump of proof that Jess and me are basically the same person.


One Response to “Style Inspiration – Jess from New Girl”

  1. Dani Bella December 3, 2014 at 4:22 pm #

    Quite the contrary darling. I rather like your occasional outbursts when we watch TV.

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