Jane and Bleecker Pajamas – The Preppy Review

9 Sep

I am not a pajama person.  I never have been.  Part of it is because I get too hot at night to even think about wearing multiple layers for sleeping.  

BUT, this past week, I was in a condo with my entire family, and I have a niece who loves to let herself in to lay on my bed and beg me to play Beauty and the Beast clips on Youtube, so I knew I needed to figure out some kind of pajama situation.

The nice folks over at Jane and Bleecker offered to send over some pajamas for me to try and review, and the timing was too perfect.

“Fun, classic, preppy?”  Yeah, I think this is right up my alley.

First, there was a super soft long sleeve top, but it was more like a thin sweatshirt.  It was so cozy and warm, and it was perfect for winding down after we got back from dinner.  It’s not something I’d be able to sleep in (due to my hot, Mediterranean blood), but it’s the perfect lounging piece.

I paired the long sleeve top with a pair of elephant print shorts.

I actually slept in these a few nights.  Maybe that’s my trick–I need to stop assuming pajamas=long sleeves, long pants.  I would have taken a picture of my outfit, but the shorts were suuuuuuuuuper short on me (I’m almost 6’0!) and I don’t want to scar anyone.

I also received a basic racerback tank, but because my torso is so long, it was a little too shrunken on me.  

The material was super soft and comfortable, and I’d be okay just wearing it in my room alone.  But not to lounge around in front of the family.

Last, there was a pair of pajama pants, which, AGAIN, were way too short on me initially, which made me super sad.  But then, I realized they had a little trick!  The bottoms roll up and have a contrasting pattern which is really cute!  

They are cute for hanging out, and the material is really interesting.  It’s cotton, but it almost felt like there was a suiting liner material in it.  It wasn’t my favorite feel–compared to the amazing knit in the long sleeve top, this material didn’t feel as wonderful.  (I tend to gravitate to thin, soft fabrics.)  Again, not bad, but not my favorite out of the bunch.


Overall, I was so happy about what I received that I’m going to place an order for myself!  Whenever I get home from work, I tend to just change into old VS yoga pants and a t-shirt, but once I started having actual cute clothes to lounge in, I got a little addicted and wanted more!

The prices are pretty good too–everything ranges from $15-$45ish.  

I think I’ll be picking up some of the ribbed leggings:

Anchor Shorts

Scotty Dog Shorts


PS:  How cute is this water bottle that was included in my package?  Give me all the anchors!



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