Lilly Pulitzer Summer 2014 – The Full Line

25 Apr

Once again, Lilly Pulitzer has absolutely blown me away with their prints for Summer 2014.  I’m a girl who can’t resist a good nautical motif, and after this past spring where I was a little underwhelmed by their line, I’m so excited for everything for summer.

The first round of summer prints and styles are available now at Lilly Pulitzer, but I also have some of the sketches for what will be coming later this season.

Here are some of my favorite things:

Sarasota Beaded Tunic in Lobstah Roll print

Cordon Dress in Jellies Be Jammin

Eliza Dress in Jellies Be Jammin

Skipper Popover in Lobstah Roll

Mills Maxi Dress in Jellies Be Jammin

McCallum Fitted Dress in Sparks Fly (it glows in the dark! how cool!)

Now for the sketches!

Looks like summer will be the time when former Holy Grail prints, Let’s Cha Cha and Tusk In Sun, will be making reappearances in new colors!  Still following the nautical theme, there’s a lot more blue-hues.  I’m just taking a sampling so you can see all the different prints. As always, each print will be in multiple styles.  Personally, I love knowing what’s coming so that I can budget for the rest of the season.

Here is the Janice Shift in Let’s Cha Cha (Spa Blue)

The Shianne Dress in Montauk print

Sloane Dress in Oh Cabana Boy

Alden Tunic Dress in Northeast Hahba (look at the lobsters!)

Shore Dress in Quahog Chowdah

(I know Quahog is an actual place, but I still think of Family Guy every time I hear it.)

Rogan Top in She She Shells

Sarah Tunic Dress in Shape Up or Ship

I know this isn’t a print, but I think it’s just a gorgeous dress.  It’s the Sea Island Tuni

Parrish Dress in Sea and Be Seen

Dusk Maxi Dress in Shell Shacked

Lindamarie Caftan in Skipping Stones

Here it is!  The Eliza in Tusk In Sun.  I guess we did have a sneak preview with the January Elsa of the Month

Delia Shift Dress in Watch Out

Emmett Maxi Dress in Yacht Yard Engineered

Chowdah Necklace


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