Review: The Blues Jeans Bar (BJB) Express

1 Feb

I’m a sucker for any kind of personal shopping service, which is weird because I’m someone who LOVES shopping for myself.  (To the point that I still, stubbornly, think that I’d rather pick out my own engagement ring.  I’m such a jerk.  Sigh.)  Anyway,  I think it’s kind of like taking personality quizzes.  Chances are, you already know what your personality is, and you probably would live your life just fine without knowing if The Disney Princess You Most Resemble is Sleeping Beauty.  (How did it know that I need at least eight hours to properly function?! Black magic.)

Anyway, back to the point, I like personal shopping services because I like to see what other people would pick for me based on my one sentence “sum up my style” statement.

I’ve tried Stitch Fix before (see my review video here.  Also note how SUPER BLONDE I was.  My poor hair.), but after seeing Emily’s review on BJB Express, I really wanted to try it.

Okay, here’s the break down, yo.

The Blues Jean Bar is exactly what it sounds like.  A bar where you order jeans.  (Seriously.  They have a “jeanstender” and everything.)  But, if you don’t live near one of their locations, they’ve come up with a “stylist in the box” type concept where they’ll send you a variety of clothes to try on in your house.

I think the first thing I liked was that I totally forgot I’d ordered it.  I came home to my roommate going, “What’s with the massive box at the front door?”  I thought maybe I’d ordered something random in my Amazon Prime haze (I get those every so often where I order weird things like slow cooker bags), so I was super confused for like three minutes as I tried to attack it with scissors to open.  The other thing I liked is that the box had a handle (!!!)  Lugging it up the stairs to my room was a piece cake.  (That joker was heavy.)

I should have taken a picture of how everything looked right when I opened it, but I was pretty much like a six year old at Christmas and just tore into everything.

Each outfit was tied up with twine.  Cute, right? (Brown paper packages tied up with string…getting new clothes is my faaaavorite thing!)

Here’s some of my outfits.


Definitely not my favorite outfit.  In no world would I ever wear a peasant top.  It fit weird too, if you couldn’t tell from the weird stretch.  In happier news, I loved these jeans!  They were Joe’s Jeans – The Skinny, and they had the perfect amount of stretch.  I didn’t go for them though because I thought they were a little too low rise for my liking.


Okay!  That’s more like it!  The blazer was by Alpine Stars, and it was a gorgeous herringbone with leather details.  Unfortunately, I have the shoulders of a linebacker (probably from a gazillion years playing basketball) so I have a hard time fitting jackets.  Like ever.


My favorite outfit!!! This cardigan was a super soft knit with leather sleeves.  (Also by Alpine Stars.)  I think it was one of my favorite pieces, but I just couldn’t justify the pricetag.  I think it’ll go live on my wishlist.

But don’t be too sad for me–I gave these jeans their forever home!   Real talk:  I’m 5’11, have a definitive pear shape, and finding jeans is one of the hardest things on the planet.  Either they fit my hips and fall down from my waist.  Or, they are long enough but give me serious muffin top.  It’s a big reason why I stick to dresses/skirts like all the time.

But!  These jeans were from a brand I’d never heard of called Henry &  Belle.  (The Super Skinny style.)  They fit perfectly.  Like leggings but with a super dark, rich color that I can wear year-round. (I actually just had a typo where I put “rear-round” and it just felt ironic.)  They come high enough to wear you don’t have to worry about them giving you muffin top, but not too high that you look like a sad soccer mom.

What’s even cooler about Henry & Belle is that they donate a part of every purchase to charity.  And that’s not all!  You get to pick your charity!  (I’m going with a children’s hospital.)


Lastly was another outfit I wasn’t crazy about. (I couldn’t even get the blazer across my back.  But Emily styled it in her post!  It’s the white/gray floral blazer.)  I did love this shirt though. I’m a sucker for swingy, oversized knits.  They’re so cozy with leggings and flats.

Final thoughts?

The downside is that everything ranges from around $50 to $250ish.   This definitely isn’t Forever 21 in a box.  BUT, I’m a big proponent that sometimes you have to pay good money for good clothes–especially jeans.  I’ve found cheaper jeans (like my beloved AE jeans) fit well RIGHT after you wash them, but then get super stretched out.

The upsides?  Well, unlike Stitchfix, you don’t have to pre-pay a $20 ($30? can’t remember) deposit every time you order a box.

With BJB Express, it’s a $1 deposit and free shipping both ways.  AND you get two weeks to play with everything.  (That’s awesome for someone like me who works crazy hours, tonight was the first I really got to try everything on and take pictures!)

I think another great reason for trying this is the ability to try on a lot of different jeans.  I’m so used to sticking to the same brand that I rarely try on new denim brands, and with this, I was able to try five different brands with different styles, and finally decide on something I’ve never heard of but loved!

Have I convinced you?  Cool!

Sign up here, and drop my blog name “The Preppy Leopard” in the referred by line  (come on, people!).  If you do, you’ll save 20% off whatever you like in your box.  (Momma, I’m looking at you and your jean addiction!  Try it!)


2 Responses to “Review: The Blues Jeans Bar (BJB) Express”

  1. shell chic'd February 5, 2014 at 1:55 pm #

    LOVE the blazer they sent you, and that sleek leather-sleeved cardi! I also had never heard of Henry & Belle and was obsessed with their fit + their mission. So glad you tried out BJB! xxx

  2. Stephanie February 10, 2014 at 6:31 pm #

    Um, the blazer looks really amazing on you!

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