Recent Outfits

18 Dec

I admit, for a style blog, I’m not very good at documenting what I actually wear.  I blame part of it on my schedule, which keeps me out running around usually from 7 AM to 10 PM, but also on the fact that I feel silly asking someone to take a picture of my outfit.

I do take the occasional mirror selfie on Instagram, so I figured I’d share a few of my recent outfits from there.

My vintage Woolrich sweater from a recent “Ugly Sweater” party I went to.  (Although, I was adamant that my sweater was NOT ugly.)

My official uniform whenever I work from home.  The tank is from Rowdy Gentleman, and it’s kind of awesome.

Snowday outfit.  I was also super sick, hence no makeup.  My hat is from Southern Proper, but I think it’s sold out most places.  Field Jacket is from J.Crew, and it’s currently 30% off!

Another day, another field jacket picture!  The sweater is from Land’s End, but it seems to be sold out now.

Meg, from The Red Spoon, and I were partners for a cookie party contest!  We won Best in Show, which might not be that fair since she runs an amazing food blog.


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