Sunshine Award!

24 Sep

Alexandria, one of my Instagram friends and fellow preppy loving blogger, recently nominated me for a Sunshine Award.  I have no clue what a Sunshine Award is…but it sounds happy, so that’s good enough for me.  Thanks, Alexandria!

I’m totally going to break the rules since I’m all rebellious like that and just do the question/answer portion.  (Plus, I’m lazy.  Haha.)

Here are some of the questions Alexandria asked me:

1. How long have you had your blog?
I’ve had my current blog for a little over a year, but before that, I blogged about my love of shopping and red lipstick at Ruby Woo Loves You.
2. Do you plan on pursuing fashion as part of your career, if not already?
I like to consider fashion a part of my lifestyle, and I probably won’t be lucky enough to ever make it a career.  Living in the Northern Virginia area means that the cost of living is absurdly high, and unfortunately, the best paying jobs are all related to the government.  But blogging is a great way to have fun with your hobby!
3. What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe? (Can be clothing, jewelry, shoes)
I’m torn between my Tory Burch Revas and my navy Longchamp Le Pliage.  I wear my Revas (tan, leopard, or black) at least six times a week, and I’ve carried the Longchamp non-stop for months and months.  They’re both just classic, polished pieces that go with everything I own.
4. What do you do in your free time?
I volunteer a ton through my church–whether it’s teaching Sunday School, working on the drama team, helping edit books, or assisting with local outreaches.  It’s pretty much a second full time job!  I also love shopping–weirdly enough, I get just as much satisfaction window shopping as I do actually buying things!
5. What is your favorite tv show?
I can’t pick just one!  LOST was probably my ultimate favorite show of all time.  I’m also a big Doctor Who (2005 reboot) fan, but I only really loved the Ninth and Tenth doctors.  I don’t have a ton of time to watch TV, but I always make sure to be caught up on Revenge, Once Upon a Time, and New Girl on Hulu!
6. How many statement necklaces/bracelets do you have?
I’m so boring!  I wear the same two necklaces all the time–one is a tiny little gold anchor and the other is a tiny rose gold clover.  When I do wear something else, it’s normally pearls (that just go on top).
7. What do you have that is Monogrammed?
The better question is what DON’T I have that is monogrammed?!  I have such a weird first name that, as a kid, I never owned anything with my name on it.  I think it’s why I love monograms so much!  Some random things I have my initials on:  my Lands End puffer vest, my Longchamp, my pillowcases and sheets,   I also have a big wooden monogram from Southern Nest hanging in my entry way!
8. Lilly Pulitzer or Vineyard Vines? Why?
I own more Lilly Pulitzer than Vineyard Vines, and really, it’s because Lilly shows up more on Rue La La.  As much as I love both brands,  I think they both can be a little (okay, a lot) overpriced.  I’ll usually only snag stuff when it goes on sale.  I’m a sucker for anything nautical print, and I have a hard time resisting anything Lilly does that is nautical-themed.  (Hey Sailor, You Gotta Regatta, and Dock Hopper, for example.)
9. What is your fondest memory?
So hard to pick just one, but I had a bunch of amazing memories from my trip to Europe this summer.  There was one point, when I was standing on top of Mt. Vesuvius and looking down over Naples and Pompeii that I was like–holy cow!  I’m actually doing this!  My life is awesome!
10. What is your favorite place to vacation/travel to?
I’ve always loved South Carolina.  My family has been going pretty much every year since I’ve been born!  We go to Myrtle Beach a lot, and I sometimes cringe at the way the city has been portrayed in the media as of late.  (Cough, Myrtle Manor, cough.)  Myrtle Beach, especially the northern part, always feels like a home away from home.  It’s also nice that Charleston is only a short drive away!  I love taking day trips to Charleston.

Thanks for reading! You're the best!

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