Review: Bobbie Luxe

11 Jul

Jewelry has always been a little intimidating to me.  See, when it comes to clothing, I have a very clear idea of what I like–navy, navy, anchors, navy, leopard.  But, with jewelry, there’s just so much to pick from, and I get easily overwhelmed and end up sticking with basic pearls.

Lately, I’ve really been loving all the statement jewelry coming out of J.Crew.  The giant baubles add a fun twist to basic button ups and cardigans.  But, I’m sure we can all agree that, while adorable, the J.Crew versions are a little overpriced.

I was pretty excited when I connected with Bobbie Luxe on Instagram.  They sent me a pair of earrings for review, and I thought they were just adorable.

My review was a little delayed because the minute I opened the package, I dropped everything on the ground.  (And it wasn’t like a gentle drop.  It was akin to spiking a football kind of drop.)  One of the little stones popped out (which, when you think about it, is impressive considering I’m twenty hundred feet tall), but it glued back on easily.


To go from never wearing earrings to wearing big statement pieces was a little scary, but these are cute enough that I wasn’t too worried.  I thought they paired nicely with a basic chambray shirt.

These are the Sylvia Earrings (only $16), and if you use code PREPPYLEOPARD, you can save an additional 20%!  That code will work for the entire site too!

I also really liked:

The Mojito Statement Necklace ($20 with PREPPYLEOPARD code)

Kennedy Earrings ($18 with PREPPYLEOPARD code)

I also loved the back of this polka dot dress.

You can follow Bobbie Luxe on Instagram @bobbieluxe.  You can also follow me @thepreppyleopard.


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