Southern Nest Monograms

11 Jun

With a first name like Tierney, I’ve never been able to buy pre-made personalized things.  At the beach, my friends could buy souvenirs like pencils, keychains, and t-shirts–all emblazoned with their monikers.  Tierney is not a common name, so I’ve always been resigned to having regular old pencils and keychains.

I think growing up like that helped me love monograms even more.  I love sticking my initials wherever I can!  A good friend of mine used a big wooden monogram as a guest book for her bridal shower, and I was super excited when Southern Nest sent me my very own wood monogram!

image image_1 photo

I was a little torn where to hang it, and I eventually decided on using it in my entryway.  It’s beautifully made, and I think I might even try my hand at painting it one day!

I love the idea of using your monogram as a decoration, and here are some of the pictures I saved as inspiration.

You can buy your own Southern Nest monogram by visiting their site!

I have the Prep Circled monogram, but you can also get them with just the letters.

Disclaimer:  Southern Nest sent me a monogram in exchange for my honest review.  And my honest review is that it’s super cute!


One Response to “Southern Nest Monograms”

  1. shell chic'd June 12, 2013 at 10:13 am #

    SO cute! I’m in the mood to re-decorate my bedroom and think I might just have to snag one of these for it!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic’d

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