Flamingo Fever

29 May

I’ve always loved little critters on my clothes.  My friends are always sending me cute lobster looks, and I also have a soft spot for foxes.

But, lately, I’ve been loving flamingos.  They’re just so happy!

The Preppy Leopard - Flamingo Fever

Tory Burch Flamingo Espadrille (only $77!) / VS Flamingo Bikini

Flamingo Print Dress / Flamingo Polo Shirt

Flamingo Sweater / Flamingo Swimsuit

Tory Burch Flamingo Cosmetic Case

I’m also always reminded of my trips to Kenya.  There’s a lake we always pass during our drive through the Rift Valley to Kakamega, and even though we are miles away, we can see  huge spots of pink in the distance.  Those are thousands and thousands of flamingos all hanging out together!

All my pictures are blurry (since we are bumping along in the bus), but here’s a good example!



One Response to “Flamingo Fever”

  1. shell chic'd May 30, 2013 at 3:55 pm #

    Love this!! I’m working on a flamingo-motif roundup myself 🙂 They are just too fun to wear, can’t help but feel happy in them.

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