Tie Society – Like Netflix for Neckwear

29 Apr

With so many monthly shopping services (shoe of the month!  nail polish of the month! underwear of the month!), it didn’t take long for male-focused sites to pop up as well.

Tie Society is kind of like the Netflix of Neckwear.  (I thought I made that up, and then I realized the actual site says it too.  Oops.)  You pay for unlimited ties every month, and based on your membership plan, you can get up to ten items at a time!

Basically, you pick out your tie on the site, and it arrives at your  house between 1-3 business days.  You wear it as long as you want (FOREVER! haha), and then send it back when you want another one.   The prices are actually really good–1 tie at a time for $10.95/month, 3/$19.95, 5/$29.95, and 10/$49.95.

I’ve been wanting to talk more about men’s fashion on the blog, and I’m going to partner with Tie Society to feature some of my snazzy boy friends styling their snazzy ties!  I also will include ways to steal your guy’s style for yourself.

Here’s some of my favorite picks:

If you want to try Tie Society (or buy a subscription for your preppy guy!), you can use code TSTRIAL3 to save 50% off your subscription.

ALSO, MY PREPPY BRETHERN–They have Vineyard Vines AND Brooks Brothers!

Stay tuned for shots of how both I and one of my stylish guy friends styled the tie!

(A/N:  I received a free one-month membership from Tie Society in order to provide this review.  As always, all opinions are my own.)


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