Instagram Round Up

5 Feb

So, I know I rarely put personal pictures on this blog.  Part of my problem is just a lack of free time.  I usually go straight from work to the gym to church/volunteering, and by the time I get home, it’s like 10 pm and time for bed. I know a lot of bloggers do early morning outfit pictures, but the thought of fumbling with my tripod and DSLR before I’ve even had any coffee is scary.

I do put a ton of pictures on my Instagram though!  Outfits…shopping…lots of fun, preppy things.

My collection of scarves!

The perfect work shoe.

Vintage fur cape + Calvin Klein Striped dress + Revas

My Chorkie Chalupa goes shopping!

My church outfit!  My coat is from Nautica, and I obsessed over it for a long time before my  Mom made it my Christmas present!

A typical outfit I wear to work!  It’s almost always a cardigan, button down, and  pants.

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