Tory Burch Fox iPhone Case!

27 Dec

So, it looks like the reign of the Tory Burch fox is coming to an end.  All the fox items seem to be marked down.  I supposed that could be sad, but on the bright side, the Fox Face iPhone case I’ve been wanting is really really on sale!

Tory Burch Hardshell Case – Fox – $33.60 + additional 25% off with code JUSTFORME.  (That brings the price down to $25!!!!)

Tory Burch also provides free gift wrapping–I always select YES so that I can open a present to myself!

There’s a few other cases that are similarly priced.  This is the one I have currently, and I also think this leopard version is really cute!


One Response to “Tory Burch Fox iPhone Case!”

  1. Lynette December 30, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

    Ohhhh I just want this so bad. To go with my fox sweater from Old Navy. And the love of foxes in my heart. 😉

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