So, Forever 21 is kind of cute….

21 Dec

I admit, I haven’t bought anything from Forever 21 in months (years?).   Granted, the closest brick and mortar store is probably ten miles away (but 45 minutes drive time–ohhh, NoVa traffic…), but I just have been more into buying quality over style.  I think that means I’m growing up.  (Shh, Mom.  Stop crying.)

Anyway, I was on their website today looking for pieces to complete my Fran “The Nanny” costume for my 90’s New Year’s Eve party, and I was surprised at how quickly my online shopping cart filled up.

Their sizing is tricky for me sometimes though.  Usually I can wear tops and dresses that aren’t super fitted, but for anything body-conscious, I normally size up so I don’t fall on the skanky side of life.  Also, the dresses tend to run short, so I normally only buy things that would look okay with leggings or super opaque tights.

Okay, so here are some really cute things that surprised me.

Beaded Cheetah tank – $22.80

This is so cute.  It’s such a vintage print–like it’d be the wallpaper of Dita von Teese’s powder room.  I would probably wear this under a black cardigan or suit jacket with a skirt.   They also have this print in a tunic form, which I think I like better!

Be Kind tank – $15.80

I love this for a myriad of reasons–one of the foremost being that I find myself saying it at least twenty-three times a week.  I teach Sunday School to…ahem…a lively bunch of three and four year olds, and this shirt seems tailor-made for Sunday School teachers everywhere.  I’d pair it with a tweed jacket (faux Chanel!) with some pearls.

Polka dot top – $17.80

Neon Heart sweater – $17.80

Crochet Collar Sweater – $19.80

Navy Lace Dress – $24.90

Polka Dot Sheath Dress – $32.80

Sequined Scalloped Skirt – $24.80

Dude. This skirt is gorgeous.  And it’s getting great reviews too.  I think it’s the perfect NYE skirt!  Maybe with some fur!  Or for all those Gatsby themed parties that are bound to start coming down the pipeline.

Spiked Necklace – $6.80

This looks identical to the Nordstrom necklace I put on my Christmas list.  Sigh.

As for my Nanny costume ideas, I thought this sequined tank could work.  I will probably end up going for more of a leopard themed look though.   I have a leopard print skirt, and then maybe I’ll pair it with some super bright sweater. Or vice versa.  Bright skirt, black stockings, and a leopard top.  And of course, red lipstick and super teased hair!  Oooh, I can’t wait!  🙂


2 Responses to “So, Forever 21 is kind of cute….”

  1. franishh December 23, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    dang it, stop doing this to me! that sheath dress is amazing.

  2. Kate January 1, 2013 at 11:17 pm #

    F21 is always hit or miss for me. I hate going in and searching through the racks. I like just browsing online but then you have to get store credit if something doesn’t fit. I can’t remember the point of this comment now. Anyway I just bookmarked the crochet collar top

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