A Very Nautical Sale

23 Oct

Whoever said that nautical styling should end when summer does obviously hasn’t been paying attention to how cute Nautica is lately.

And with an additional 40% off sale, you really can’t go wrong with adding a few more navy cardigans to your life.

(Use code 40EXTRA at checkout!)

Nautica Striped Anchor Sweater – on sale for $32

(As obsessed as I am with navy, I kind of like that these nautical stripes are a more updated bright blue.  Plus, you can’t go wrong with anchor buttons!)

Nautica Draped Cardigan – on sale for $27

(Honestly, the color white is slightly terrifying to me since I tend to flail my arms as I talk and slosh beverages everywhere.  But, if you’re responsible enough to wear the color white, then you should get this cardigan.  The shape is kind of perfect.)

Nautical Wheel Button Down – on sale for $27

(It’s hard to resist a good critter print, and the fact that those little dot are actually ship steering wheels seal the deal.)

Nautica Rope Print Dress – on sale for $37

(If I was Superman, my Kryptonite would be navy and white print dresses.  And, I don’t think I have a rope print dress yet….which makes this totally justifiable!)

Nautica Trench Dress – on sale for $37

(You know, at this point, I think I’m just going to send this post to my Mom as a stand in for my Christmas list.)

Nautica Striped Trench – on sale for $70

(Sometimes when I’m out shopping, I see things that make me feel kind of sick and have to leave the store because I know I’m about to make horrible decisions and spend this month’s electric bill money on nautical trench coats.  This coat caused one of those episodes.  I literally had to put it down and walk quickly out the store before I did something I regretted.  My friend Joelle thought I was nuts.)

Colored Skinny Jeans – on sale for $32

(I actually already have these jeans, but you guys should know that they have a great fit AND they’re the perfect slightly dark red that looks amazing with navy and/or white.  I would size down though.  Mine are kind of easily stretched out.)

Infinity striped scarf – on sale for $21

(I already have this scarf too, and it’s super soft.   I love it.)

Men’s Printed Critter Shirt – on sale for $31

(You could buy this for a special man in your life…or you could buy it for yourself.  I think that, tucked into a navy (or white!) pleated skirt, this shirt would be adorable!)


2 Responses to “A Very Nautical Sale”

  1. franishh October 23, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    would it be too much if I said I wanted all of the things? especially that wheel shirt and those red pants.


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