Calhoun Mansion – Charleston, South Carolina

15 Oct

Charleston, South Carolina is one of my favorite cities on the planet.  I think it stems from loving Gone with the Wind (and it’s critically panned, but kind of awesome sequel Scarlett).  Charleston is so colorfully alive in those pages, and for years that’s all I knew of it–until I actually visited for the first time earlier this year.

While on our carriage tour back in May, we passed by Calhoun Mansion.  We didn’t have time to stop and go in, and I was so excited when we got to visit when we went this past trip.

Calhoun Mansion is the biggest residence in Charleston with 35 rooms and 24,000 square feet.  It was built in 1876 for only $200,000!

In addition to being a Civil War history buff, I also love Greek Mythology.   I liked this little statue of Hermes in the gardens.


[This specific picture is not mine, but it’s from the official website.  I just wanted you to see how awesome the garden design was from the sky.]







Most of the old Charleston homes have side porches called piazzas.  They were built facing the sea breeze so residents could have some relief from the Southern heat.






I loved this little alley.  It reminded me of the Secret Garden.





Soft Kitty…Warm Kitty….





Oh hey, it’s me!  🙂





Unfortunately, the current owners didn’t allow pictures inside, so check out the official site to see a few.

After the tour finished, I snuck out to take a picture of the street.  Can you imagine if your neighborhood looked like this?

Have you ever done any really cool house tours in Charleston?  Which one should I do next time I’m there?





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