Budget Friendly Mixed Media Trenches

5 Oct

It all started with the gorgeous Burberry Leather Sleeve trench, and it didn’t take long until the market was flooded with more budget friendly versions.

Today at Ideeli, you can score this Steve Madden Mixed Media Trench for only $79.99

I got this bebe Mixed Media Trench during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but I still haven’t worn it yet!  (Well, that’s a lie.  I tried to wear it once, but then I realized they left the big security tab on the bottom.  Sigh.)  But, good news for you–it’s on sale!

MICHAEL Michael Kors Leather Sleeve Trench.  This one is a little more pricey than the others, but you have actual leather sleeves (not faux leather).

W118 by Walter Baker Quilted Sleeve Trench.  I kind of like that the sleeves are quilted on this–it makes it seem tougher.  It also comes in olive, which I almost like better.

I also found a killer DIY to make your own mixed media trench, but I feel like it’s for the truly gifted DIYers (read:  not me.)



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