That’s So Foxy!

2 Oct

Every so often, a trend comes around that makes me kind of giddy.  (For instance, anchors or leopard print.)  I love when the trends align themselves with my personal style–it makes shopping so much more fun!

Now, you guys know my love of leopard, but I’ve also had an undying love of foxes.  When I was a wee lass in first grade, we all had to draw pictures of what we wanted to be when we grew up.  As ballerinas, firemen, and astronauts filled the room, I drew myself in a drab olive jumpsuit–holding a ring and a whip.

I wanted to train foxes.

Apparently, there were foxes that needed to be trained for circuses, and I was going to do it.  I’m not sure what that says about me or my personality, but I’ve always loved those little guys.  I like their tales. And their little faces.

So, imagine my delight when Tory Burch threw fox faces on everything, and the rest of the fashion world began to follow.

Here are some of my favorite fox finds from Modcloth:

When the Day is Done Fox Pillow / Up and Cunning Dress

Hot on the Tail Glass Set / Girl Fox Tee

My search for all things foxy led me to a brand called Sugarhill Boutique.  I had never heard of this British brand before, but holy cow, they have some really adorable fox finds!  This might be my new favorite store!

Counter-Clockwise From Top Left

Foxy Sweater [Sugarhill Boutique] / Foxy Blouse [Sugarhill Boutique]

Foxy Dress [Sugarhill Boutique] / Foxy Combo Dress [Sugarhill Boutique]

Foxy Skirt [Sugarhill Boutique] / Fox and Friends Sweater [Sugarhill Boutique]

And some more finds around the Interwebs:

Clockwise from Top Left

Fox Clutch [UO] / Fox Head Earrings

Burberry Quilted Fox Tote [way too expensive] / Fox Print Muffler [Nordstrom]

Peter Jensen Fox Sweater Dress / Fox Print Skater Dress [Oasis c/o ASOS]

Fox T-Shirt / River Island Fox Print Dress

Fox Print Scarf [only $20!] / Fox Head Belt 

And last, but not least, is this epic vintage sweater find on Ebay.

Vintage Fox Cardigan [Ebay]

Are you loving foxes as much as me?  Or is there another woodland critter that tugs on your heartstrings?


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