Coats I Have Loved

28 Sep

The first style article I ever wrote was for my campus newspaper, The Broadside, and it was about selecting an amazing winter coat.  I don’t remember all my tips, but I do remember my big justification as to why we shouldn’t mind investing in our coats.

1.  You get what you pay for–I’m firmly convinced.  I am half Italian, and I swear it’s why I’m freezing all the time.  We are hot blooded and need our sunshine!  A cheap coat equals cheap materials.  Make sure you’re not getting some weird synthetic blend that won’t keep out the wind.

2.  People form impressions based off the initial few seconds of meeting you.  In the winter, often all people will see is your coat.  So, this is one piece of clothing that has to function as your outfit every day!  So, you can get away with spending more (and getting your cost per wear down to a few bucks).

Oasis Christine Coat – $170

Oasis Textured Draped Coat – $170

GUESS Belted Trench – $198

Topshop Faux Fur Menswear coat – $220

BB Dakota Ruth Coat – $88


One Response to “Coats I Have Loved”

  1. franishh October 1, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    That white coat is fabulous, although I’m sure I would have it dirty in seconds flat.

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