Local Love: Leesburg, VA

24 Sep

I was born, raised, and still live in a suburb of Washington, DC.  Over the course of my life, I’ve watched my town grow from a normal suburbia to the wealthiest county in the United States.  I live thirty minutes from the infamous Virginia horse country, but also thirty minutes from the White House.  Despite all the cool stuff around me, I rarely venture outside my little bubble of work, home, and church.  The thing is…we have some pretty cool stuff around us that I think I could do a better job of appreciating.

So, inspired by Selective Potential’s Tieka and her exploration of her home state of Michigan, I’m trying to do more sightseeing where I live.  My first stop was Leesburg, VA.

 Voted the nation’s fourth best small town to live in, Leesburg was originally settled around 1730.  Contrary to popular belief, the town was not named for famous Civil War general Robert E. Lee, nor his great grand-uncle–Francis Lightfoot Lee, but instead Thomas Lee, an influential Virginian colonist.

During the War of 1812, Leesburg actually served as a temporary location for the US Government and all its important documents (like the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence) when the major players of Washington were forced to flee in the face of the British Army.   Half a century later, the town served as base for both Robert E. Lee and the famous raider John S. Mosby.

Today, Leesburg has a quaint, adorable historic Main Street that is peppered with antique shops and restaurants.

Gratuitous antique store cat picture.

“Paint me like one of your French girls, Jack.”

The County Courthouse was built in the late 1800’s.  It also would serve for an awesome courthouse wedding!

We also stopped at Lightfoot, which was a large bank in the 1800’s that has since been converted into a restaurant.  Inside there are 30′ ceilings and a bar that used to be a vault.  We had honey ham biscuits and a cheese plate.

Top:  Random boutique in Myrtle Beach, SC / Necklace:  Lilly Pulitzer


One Response to “Local Love: Leesburg, VA”

  1. rlutz September 24, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    Thanks for the tour…seems like a quaint little town. Love your anchor necklace!!

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