Updated School Girl

23 Sep

My whole life, I wished I could wear school uniforms.  (All my old classmates are probably mentally yelling at me.)  I just have always loved traditional uniform colors (grays and navys), and I love pleated skirts and button down shirts and knee socks!

Knee socks.  Don’t even get me started.  I never wear socks (mostly because I live in Sperrys or ballet flats), but when I do, they’re usually kind of spectacular.  I will admit they can be tricky to style–I’m not a school girl anymore, and many times adult women in knee socks make people think of dress up or Halloween.

Also, quick story about this pictures.  I literally had 45 seconds to take them with a friend before we were going to be late for a wedding and I left for South Carolina the next day.  So, use your imaginations and pretend the derecho damaged deck (oooh, alliteration!) is actually some posh metropolitan locale.

Check out that fancy blurring to distract you from the sad leaves.

Shirt:  Nordstrom / Skirt:  H by Hilfiger (their old, now defunct luxury brand I worked for briefly) / Socks:  ℅ Goldtoe / Ankle Booties:  Target (last year)

So, back to knee socks.  They can be a pain since they either keep falling down, or are so tight they give your knees muffin-top.  These Over the Knee version from Goldtoe stay up nicely, and aren’t so thick you can’t wear them under your boots.  In summary:  I like them.  Go buy them.  Sure, I got them for free, but I promise I’ll only pimp things I actually like.  (No gratuitous ads for Crocs ever–haha.)


One Response to “Updated School Girl”

  1. Stephanie September 28, 2012 at 10:50 pm #

    You look adorbs! P.S. I would love school uniforms 97% of the time. 🙂

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