Lilly, Closets, and Socks–oh my!

17 Sep

Happy Monday!  I spent my weekend roughing it in the Blue Ridge mountains on our annual camping retreat (along with a hundred or so friends from church), and now that I’m back, showered, and warm, here are some random things currently in my life:

  • If you’re not impressed with Target’s current The Shops line, then go hit the clearance section to scoop up some summer pieces from The Webster!  I really loved this collection, and things you should check out include a white tropical maxi dress ($15.74), a knit tank ($6.94–I wear this under cardigans all the time!), a navy skirt ($10.48), and some cap-toe wedges ($19.98).


  • I saw some pictures from the Eponine Bespoke’s collection, and it’s a retro girl’s dream.  Unfortunately, it seems like it can only be ordered on a custom basis, but the pictures are too pretty to not share:


  • Lilly Pulitzer recently sent out an apology email after all the drama and stress of their Endless Summer Sale.  Until the end of the year, anyone who experienced technical difficulties while trying to shop can save 20% off their next order!  Good job, Pink Palace!
  • Tall girls, you know the struggles we face on a daily basis–finding pants that are long enough, or boots that are high enough, or skirts that aren’t too short.  One thing I’m always looking for are socks that I can wear under my riding boots that keep me warm and that don’t cut off at mid-calf.  I’m not usually a sock wearer (it’s a result of living in ballet flats and boat shoes), but I swear by Goldtoe’s Sport Liners, and they recently sent me some knit socks that hit right below my knee.  They’re thin enough that they don’t prevent my boots from zipping all the way up, and when I was camping this weekend, I wore them to ward off the FRIGID temperatures at night.


  • I’m going to be creating my own walk in wardrobe!  I have two extra bedrooms in my townhouse, and I hate hate cramped closets.  I tend to wear the same thing over and over because I really don’t like flipping through a darkened closet where all my clothes are squished.  Stay tuned to see how the process–I’m trying to do it for as cheap as possible.  Here’s some of my inspiration pics:





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