Trend: Leather Peplums

10 Sep

One of my favorite scores from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was Halogen’s Leather Peplum.

I can’t wait until the weather is chilly enough for me to justify wearing it!  (I’m thinking I want to pair it with a black floral pencil skirt.  I haven’t found the perfect one yet!)  I also envision layering this over sheer collared shirts for a totally awesome Cher Horowitz vibe.  (Sidenote:  I think Clueless should be remade once a decade.  The only thing that should be updated is the slang and the clothes.  I would be so excited.)

If you missed out on Halogen’s version, you can find a similarly priced version at Oasis.

Oasis Faux Leather Peplum – $74

(I would recommend signing up for their emails and then waiting for one of their sales.  They have pretty good ones on a regular basis!)

This also comes in the wickedly trendy Oxblood hue.

Oasis Faux Leather Peplum – $74

One thing I really like about my Halogen peplum (and these two from Oasis) are the knit backs:

I think the knit makes it a little less “biker”.





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