Navy as a Neutral

28 Aug

I always joke with people that leopard is my favorite color.  I’ve always read that your favorite color defines your personality, and I figured leopard is the most like me…right?

In actuality, my favorite color falls to navy.  (And, according to a color chart I saw from Paper Source:  You are traditional and reserved on the surface, yet you are a renegade at heart.  Your demeanor is steadfast and mysterious… blah blah.  Okay, so maybe my favorite color has nothing to do with my personality, but if you’re interested, check out this blog post on the subject.)

Roughly 60% of my wardrobe is comprised of the classic color, and part of the reason (besides it being the quintessential nautical shade) is that navy goes with everything.

It’s true!  I think navy is just as versatile as black or gray, but it’s a little more unexpected.  I own some pretty bright, wild pieces, and my go-to shade to calm things down a little is a classic navy.

J.Crew has brightly colored pants by the dozen, but if you’re like me and have a corporate job, you can’t exactly style yourself like a J.Crew catalog every day.  But, if you find yourself craving a little color in your life, use a navy cardigan or blazer to calm things down.  Or, if you want to be more casual, add a simple navy tee shirt.

But, what if you have a crazy printed pant?  Will navy work then too?

Granted, I wouldn’t recommend this dalmatian spotted pant for the office, but if you worked in a more creative environment, a cardigan and conservative flats lend a classic spin to a wild print.   Alternately, for college classes, a cozy sweater and some comfy sneakers take things to a more casual level.   And finally, a night out on the town begs for a belted peplum and platform heels!

Finally, I use navy as a way to temper down my beloved leopard print.  Take a leopard print dress in a great shape.  You can make it work appropriate with a classic navy blazer, a structured black bag, and demure navy flats.  (Just my opinion:  when you’re wearing a traditionally “sexy” print, the last thing you want to do is add sky high heels or a tight fit or low cut.)   And, the same dress can go to the weekend with (again) a cute cardigan (with a leopard belt!), a crossbody bag, and Toms.

(Also, the reason I belted the cardigan here was because of the cut of the dress. If you have a dress that is fitted at the waist and flares out, then anything you put over that to hide the cut will make you look bigger.  Always, always, always belt everything if you have a pear shape like me.  Your waist is usually the slimmest part of your body, and you don’t want to lose that shape under a cardigan!)

I didn’t even get into all the different ways you can be nautical with navy, but hopefully now crazy prints and colors can be a little less scary (and a little more work appropriate!)


One Response to “Navy as a Neutral”

  1. maria August 28, 2012 at 11:25 am #

    love how you paired navy with all the patterns and neons…such a cute idea, very inspiring!

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