Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale

22 Aug

Like any other good Southern preppy girl, I was pretty excited about Lilly Pulitzer’s Endless Summer Sale–one of two Lilly sales every year.  After a harrowing day trying to access the sale (at 8 am, then 12 pm, then 4 pm, then 6 pm…), I finally was able to sneak onto the site and buy two necklaces I’d had my eye on for months!

There wasn’t enough nautical prints to really tempt me to buy anything else; I’m not a giant fan of florals, so I reigned it in and stuck to what I knew I liked.  (It’s hard though with great sales–you’re so tempted to buy a dress for $39 that was previously $250!)

I also have a great vacation coming up to South Carolina, and I’m trying to save money to do some serious outlet shopping when I get down there!

Here’s what I bought at the sale:

Anchor Double Chain Necklace

Summer Classic Charm Necklace

Marisa Dress (sold out)

Here’s what I really wanted at the sale:

Valle Dress $99 / Treena Dress $99

Blossom Dress $49 / Eryn Dress $99

Butter Me Up Necklace $29

I especially loved the Treena Dress–I love that print so much!  And the Butter Me Up necklace is kind of adorable, if you’re obsessed with lobsters like I am!

Were you guys able to get anything cute at the sale?  Let me know!


One Response to “Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale”

  1. saltwatersunshine June 18, 2014 at 10:14 am #

    When is the summer sale this year?

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