StitchFix Review (Plus a video!)

20 Aug

I’m a sucker for anything that requires me to take a personality test, so when a good guy friend told me about Trunk Bay, a personalized shopping service for men, I was instantly jealous and wanted to find the same thing for myself.

A quick Google search turned me on to StitchFix.

In their own words:

Stitch Fix is a fun and easy way to keep your wardrobe up-to-date. We get your style and size preferences, then send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home, in your closet, with your favorite jeans and heels.

After taking an extensive style quiz (yay!) about everything from my sizes to what my lifestyle was to my favorite brands to my preferred price points, I placed my order for my first box.

Yay!  My first box!

I couldn’t resist.  Cary Grant’s antlers looked like they’d be cozy.

So, part of being a writer is a proclivity to want to show, not tell.  So, I made you guys a quick video review of my box!

Interested!  Join here!

Things to note:

Each StitchFix box is $20.  That $20 is stored as a credit to your account and can be applied towards the purchase of anything in your box.

Shipping and Returns are both free.  Returns are super easy–just drop in the pre-labeled bag and drop in the mailbox.

StitchFix is pretty open about the fact they are still in beta.  That means that they are still working out the kinks.  I was super happy with my first experience, but will admit I didn’t absolutely love everything.  And, I did appreciate that my stylist not only admitted that, but assured me that as the site improved, their stock would get better.  Despite that, I really liked getting pieces I would never try on–who would have thought that I’m would become obsessed with finding hippie, gold feather earrings?

I did get a small credit in return for writing a review.  But, all my opinions are my own–it was just cool to get a little something for a review I would have done anyway!


2 Responses to “StitchFix Review (Plus a video!)”

  1. Stephanie August 20, 2012 at 11:00 pm #

    That wine colored dress looked amazing on you, Friend! I can’t wait to see it! 😀 Love the review!

  2. Amy Bondeson September 7, 2012 at 10:55 pm #

    I received the same cowl neck dress in my stitch fix and I love it! I didn’t think much of it until I tried it on. I love Stitch Fix!!

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