LBD + Leopard

16 Aug

Today, a friend of mine asked for help with creating a killer outfit consisting of a little black dress and leopard accessories!

Black is my go-to color for work (since it’s demure and goes with everything and every season), so I was more than happy to help.  While I consider leopard one of my favorite colors and believe it goes with everything, I can understand how people can be apprehensive.  After all, its good name has been somewhat tarnished by the great state of New Jersey (hi, Mom!) and The Nanny (excellent show!)

Starting with accessories is a great way to incorporate leopard into your wardrobe without looking like you’re heading off to Karma.  But, be careful about going overboard.

(Also, I included prices since the sample outfit we were looking at included a D+G dress for $1,165, shoes and $400 shoes.)

eShakti Black Dress  (goes up to size 36, and can be customized for your measurements!)

Belt / Watch $, $, $$ / Heels $, $$ / Bag $, $


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