Fashion Formulas: J.Crew Leopard + Pastel

14 Aug


I love this look from J.Crew’s new fall styles.

The entire look (without the coat, which I’m sure is outrageously expensive) is over $500.  I think we can take the individual elements and recreate it for a lot less.

Leopard Coat + Bright Sweater + Pastel Pants + Cap Toe Shoes

The fun thing about using formulas for fashion is that once you figure out what works, you can tweak it!

So, using the same formula, I swapped out hot pink for a more demure navy, and changed mint pastel to yellow!

Leopard Jacket + Navy Sweater + Lemon Jeans + Ballet Flats

I also might swap around some of the colors in this, and try it out with leopard print jeans from last season, a subdued navy blazer, and maybe a bright red sweater.


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