Fashion Formulas: Preppy Fall Layering

8 Aug

Preppy Fall looks for Kids

While these might be the cutest kids in the history of the planet, I’m a little more obsessed with their clothes.

I think layering is one of the building blocks to creating amazing outfits, but layering creatively is definitely a challenge.  For me, the easiest way to create interesting layers is to start with a formula.  (Boring, I know, but hey, math was one of my favorite subjects in high school.  There’s always just one answer!)

Here’s my formula for Fall layering:

Colored Pant + Bright Blazer + Button Down Shirt + X = Preppy Fall Look!

(X= classic cardigan, cute bow tie, or other finishing piece!)

Here’s our formula in action, using the little boy on the very right as our inspiration.

Green Pants + Striped Blazer + Light Blue Oxford + Bow Tie= Preppy Fall Look!

Navy Blazer + Gray Cardigan +  Flannel Shirt + Yellow Pants = Preppy Fall Look!

Using formulas helps our  mind break down what might seem overwhelming into doable steps.  Whenever you see a look you love online, but are unsure on how to get your own clothes to coordinate that beautiful,  just write yourself a formula and substitute pieces you own!


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