Fall 2012 Trends: Leather!

26 Jul
One of the easiest ways to infuse some new life into your fall style is by adding leather pieces to your wardrobe.  Once firmly in motorcycle gang territory, black leather is popping up everywhere–from feminine biker jackets to accents to handbags.
I don’t typically feature product from those flash sale sites, but if you’re a  member of ideeli, you should check out their leather sale today.  There are so many gorgeous pieces!
I think the key to incorporating leather (without looking like a biker babe) is to keep it classy, and keep it to one piece at a time.  In no circumstances is having head to toe leather okay (unless you are going to a costume party as the Black Widow).  Stick on one piece, and keep the rest of your outfit toned down.  If your office isn’t too stuffy, you can even incorporate it into your corporate outfits.  Again, just keep it to one piece, and don’t wear it like you’re going to the club.  For instance, my new leather peplum top from Nordstrom goes great with a simple pencil skirt and a belted suit jacket or cardigan.
The sale starts today at noon.  
Here are some of my favorites!
I love the paneling on this little jacket.  I think it’d be adorable belted and over a pencil skirt for work!
I belt everything in my entire life, so I actually care more about having pretty belts than I do having pretty jewelry.  (Weird priorities, right?)  I love the gold hardware on this piece, and how it contrasts against the rich, brown snakeskin.

Okay, so ignore the bogus leather sleeves (weird?!) but if the idea of wearing leather makes you a little nervous, then this dress is a great, inexpensive way to try it out.  There is a bit of piping on the skirt, as well as a flattering wide leather obi-style belt.

If I hadn’t already gotten my cute little Bebe trench from the Nordstrom sale, I might be super tempted by this mixed media trench!  I actually really like how the sleeves are thicker and ribbed–it lends a little more toughness to an otherwise basic trench coat.

I feel torn about this top.  I think it’s really cool, but it’s almost too futuristic?  I don’t know.  I really like the concept, but I’m just not sold.

I think this dress incorporates leather really beautifully.  Black panels on the side of anything is super slimming, and the camel color makes it look luxe.

This one is a little more pricey than things I normally post, but I love all the little leather details–especially the collar.  And, I’m all about investing in beautiful coats since during the winter, that’s often the only thing people see you in!
I’m pretty obsessed with leather lately, so look out for a lot more posts featuring the luxe skin!

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