Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2012 — Online Cardholders’ Presale

11 Jul
Can I just start off by saying I have the best Nordstrom personal shopper in the galaxy??  Not only does she not mind my random, rambling emails about riding boots, but she does amazing things like call me this morning and tell me that she’s saved two of the things I wanted most!  (Nordstrom Dulles– you guys are amazing!!!!!) 
Granted, I just bought them over the phone so that I can come in and try them on in person tomorrow, but still–it’s the thought that counts!  While the Nordstrom sale always has amazing stuff, it’s all limited edition. 
Meaning?  Stuff sells out quick.  So you have got to move fast if you want to get the good deals!
I don’t have my appointment to shop the preview in person until tomorrow, but for card holders, you can shop the sale online starting today!  (We get a full nine days to ourselves before it opens to the public on July 20.)
Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “Tier!  Nordstrom isn’t budget friendly!  What’s your deal?!  How do you have all this money to spend!?”  Well, my friends, it’s called budgeting.  Whenever I know a big sale is coming up that I want to shop, I stop all my other excess spending in preparation.  I try to cut out all my random buys at Homegoods, or random trips to CVS–whatever it takes to make sure that I have enough money set aside to get the things I want at the sale!   I usually only do this a few times a year–if I know Target is doing a designer collaboration that is making me die with excitement, and for the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom.
Okay, enough rambling.  Here’s some of the stuff I liked online.  (Warning–this is a huge post!)
Tory Burch “Nadine” Riding Boot – $299.90 (after sale, almost $500!)
Man–if I had to pick a dream riding boot, this would be it.  It comes in black too.  I just don’t know if I feel comfortable spending that much on a pair of shoes…
Also, there are quite a few Michael Kors watches…

Michael Kors ‘Cameron’ Round Bracelet Watch – $166.90

This Michael Kors ‘Cameron’ style watch comes in mixed metal (above), gold ($183.90), and rose gold ($183.90)
The North Face “Osito” fleece jacket – $73.90
I really love this coat–I got it last year, and I wore it ALL winter.  It’s SO soft and SO warm–all my friends always pet it!
Vince Camuto “Brooklee” boot.  $169.90
A gorgeous riding boot–maybe a good alternative to the Tory Burch pair!  This comes in dark brown and black as well.
I love the gold and tortoise-shell on this MK Bradshaw watch…
Michael Kors “Bradshaw” Chronograph Bracelet Watch – $183.90
Cole Haan “Air Monica” Wedge – $109.90
Thought these were the cutest little work shoe!
Michael Kors “Parker” Chronograph watch  – $166.90
Uh oh–this might be the watch that gets me.  A few months ago, I saved and saved to buy a beautiful rose gold version, but I returned it after a few days.  I never found the right watch, so maybe this is it!
Joan & David “Quimberly” pump – $129.90

Love these pumps–they’re so Prada!
Sperry Top-Sider Pearlfish Boat Shoe – $59.90
Ahh!  Love these Sperrys!  I actually don’t have a brown pair, and the fact that these have leopard is just perfect!
bebe Mixed Media Trench – $119.90
Yay!  My coat!  You guys have no idea how long I’ve been looking for a coat exactly like this! I’m thinking I’ll swap out the belt for something leopard.  
Case Mate Tough Anchor case – $24.90
Case mate Tough Bulldog case – $24.90
Calvin Klein Mixed Media Colorblock Sheath Dress – $78.90
Buffalo by David Bitton Double Breasted coat – $119.90
I love this coat!  It looks so warm and cozy!  Although, it makes that model look almost bulky–maybe it’s too warm and cozy?
Michael Kors Equestrian Flap belt – $46.90
Such a great Fall belt!  I wear belts almost every day, so maybe it’s time to stop buying cheapo ones from H&M that end up ripping apart, and invest in some nice thick leather…
Ambition Stripe Knit Jacket – $64.90
I’m torn about this coat.  I don’t think I would wear it, but I like the possibilities it offers for easy print mixing.  If you paired a floral dress with this, it would lend such a quirky funky vibe.  Or even leopard print!  The great thing about black and white stripes is that it’s a good background for most other prints.  
DKNY “Street Smart” Notched Bezel Chronograph Watch – $129.90
You know, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a watch this color–like a dark steel.  It’d definitely set you apart from all the gold Michael Kors watches floating around!  (Not even trying to hate.)
Okay, that’s probably enough for now.  Did I miss any brands you were curious about?  Let me know, and I’ll see what I can do!
Also, look out for my post this week about shopping the actual sale in store!
Happy Sale, Nordstrom lovers!

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