ASOS 30% off Dresses/Skirts

14 Jun
I wish ASOS had an actual, physical, brick-and-mortar store–because I’d be on that like white on rice.
They’re currently doing a kind of awesome sale, and here are some of the dresses that I’ve been eye-balling.
Striped Dress – $40.60
This would be cute if you switched out the belt for a skinny patent red version.  Or even leopard print.
Flamingo Skirt – $43.91
I love the retro feel of this full skirt.  Plus, flamingos are always a win.
Midi-skirt in spot print – $40.60
I kind of thought this was navy leopard at first.  I think I’m sticking with that assessment.
Bow back sundress – $36.45
I love interesting backs on sundresses.  It’s a way to show off your tan without being overtly sexy.
Belted Midi Dress – $32.31
Cute for work, but the model’s pose is so weird.  I never got the mouth-open-like-OMG-there’s-a-camera-there! pose.
Double Layer Spot Dress – $78.71
This is more than I would pay for a fun little dress, but I really, really LOVED the top with the scalloped layers and polka dot.  Sigh.  I hate you, bills.

One Response to “ASOS 30% off Dresses/Skirts”

  1. GlamorousGirl June 17, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    so cuuuteee :)

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