Crochet Lace Tank

8 Jun
So, I did that little shopping party with Dress Barn the other day, and surprisingly, I did not go home with any dresses.  (Do you ever have a day where nothing looks great on you?  Apparently, I did!)
But, I did find a vintage-y looking lace tank top in an off white that fell in love with.  I like the length (I’m like 5’11 so length is important!) and I like the lace detail at the bottom.
I don’t normally do outfit posts (since I feel so cheesy when I do them!) but my friend Erica took a few shots for me last night.  (Thanks, girl!)


Oh, and this top is called the “Tiered Lace Top” which makes me like it more know…Tier is my name.

Haha.  I look so cheesy.  My mom used to model in the 1980’s, and she taught me how to pose when I was younger.  It’s like my safe zone, but I guess this one just turned out silly.
See?  I like that bottom detail where the crocheted part contrasts against your pant.


This is one of my favorite necklaces ever in my life.  It’s has an elephant.  It’s sparkly.  And it’s J.Crew, so it’s wicked overpriced, but I got it when I used to work there and I probably paid like $20 for it.

Okay.  So that wasn’t so hard.  Haha.  I don’t know how  people do this every day!

Top:  DressBarn
I got this top with a small store credit I received in return for hosting a VIP party.  But I probably would have bought it anyway, so THANKS DB!  🙂

Pants:  NYDJ (from Nordstrom Rack for like $30.  holla.)
Sidenote:  I didn’t realize these were Not Your Daughter’s Jeans until I tried them on and decided they were coming home with me.  Then I realized I was buying mom jeans.  But you know what?  COOL WITH ME, BRO.  They’re comfy and they don’t cut my skin and make a muffin top.

Necklace:  J.Crew (from like 23 seasons ago so you can’t buy it now.)

Watch:  Michael Kors (from Nordstrom Rack for like $80.  holla again.)


3 Responses to “Crochet Lace Tank”

  1. Chalupa June 8, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

    My favorite post in a long time. Please keep including photos of your outfit. The one with your hands on your waist showing the bottom of the top is beautiful!

  2. Franziska June 9, 2012 at 12:35 am #

    pants to cover my …muffin top (sad face) are the best kind. seriously. the other day i took in 2 pairs of skinny jeans from the gap to a consignment store…basically unworn but a size too small. they told they were too high waisted. I told them they didn't know what they were missing.

  3. Kate June 10, 2012 at 11:49 pm #

    Cute cute top! And those definitely don't look like mom jeans!

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