Pondering Peplums (plus 15% off!)

7 Jun
I feel like I really like the idea of peplums.  I mean, a feminine little ruffle that’s also a bit retro–what’s not to love?  I just don’t know if peplums are actually flattering on everyone.  Like, who wants a bunch of fabric at a place where, traditionally, most girls want to appear smaller?
Despite my apprehension, I still kind of want to get one.  I’m thinking the key to rocking a peplum and not feeling overly frilly is a skinny belt right above where the pelpum starts to fluff out.
Check out this example below of the same dress (by Monique Llhullier) with a belt, and then without a belt.
(PS:  Ri-Ri, I am not your biggest fan, but I approve 10329123% of the red, leopard, and black you have going on!  Gold star!)
I think the other key to rocking a peplum is to make sure that the rest of your silhouette is sleek.  Think pencil skirt or skinny pants.
I was on ASOS this morning, and you can save 15% off your purchase by using code ASOSSUMMERSTYLE, so I figured we can save money AND buy a new peplum together!
Lace peplum dress – already on sale for $26.96

One Response to “Pondering Peplums (plus 15% off!)”

  1. Franziska June 7, 2012 at 11:13 pm #

    I haven't jumped on the peplum wagon yet…but that last all black outfit is so sexy that I just might have to. Its like a modern/vintage Grease outfit.

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