Emerald Drop Earrings — Get the look!

31 May
So, I obsessed for months over these gorgeous green emerald earrings that Kyle Richards wore during the filming of one of the RHOBH seasons.  
Then, Angelina Jolie furthered my quest for a gorgeous emerald earring with a stunning set she wore to the Oscar’s.
The problem was–I’ve been having the hardest time finding them in store.  Anytime I’ve been in an accessories department or boutique for the past year or so, I’ve kept an eye out for dangly, faceted deep green earrings.
Then, out of boredom, I wondered if maybe there was some knock-off place online that had something similar.
Of course there was, and I could have already been wearing them if I had just done a simple Google search.  DUH, TIER.
Here is the exact pair that Kyle wore…and surprisingly, they’re not totally out of my price range forever  (Plus, they also come in a pretty sapphire color.)
Jennifer Miller Faux Emerald drops – $150
But, I kind of don’t really want to spend that much on a pair of earrings.  So, I kept looking.  Here are a few more comparable pieces at slightly less painful prices.
Steve Sasco designs – $68.99
Emitations – $134.99
JanKuo earrings – $29.99
Emitations – $34.99
Fantasy Jewelry Box – $54.95

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