Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

24 May
Besides the Anniversary Sale, this is one of the happiest times of the year (if you love Nordstrom, like me)!
Nordstrom has marked down thousands of women’s items for your shopping enjoyment!
There’s a few things I’ve had my little eye on that happened to get marked down–I need to check out my budget to see if any new goodies should come home with me!
I first loved these nude Me Too flats in the store, and then I loved them even more when I saw them on Sterling Style’s Taylor.
Photo from Sterling Style here
Now they’re on sale for $58.90!  Not bad for some pointed toe, bow capped goodness!  And they come in both black and leopard, but my new shopping rule is that if I already have something in that color, I can’t buy any more.  And since I already have Tory Burch Revas in both black and in leopard, no more black or leopard flats for me!  (Let’s see how long this lasts…)
I also loved this Maggy London navy and white striped dress for work.  It’s on sale for $63.90, which is awesome for a gorgeous, nautical dress
(“But, Tier,” you may argue, “don’t you already have 2039 navy and white dresses?  What about your shopping rules?!?”  But this dress is different.  I don’t have any 3/4 length navy and white VERTICAL striped dresses that also are a faux wrap and have pockets.  See?  I win.)
Okay, so this next picture doesn’t really do the earrings justice, but I’ve been wanting these Pave Hoop earrings from Nadiri for like two years.  (They were actually on my Christmas list one year!)  They’re rose gold and super sparkly.  I used to wear GIANT hoops all the time, and some days I kind of miss them, so these seem like a refined update to my one-time great love.  Plus, they’re on sale for $35.90 which is a WIN.
Nadiri rose gold pave hoop earrings
I have this Vince Camuto Midi Tube skirt in both black and red, and I wear them at least a few times a week.  They’re SO comfortable and make your butt look amazing.  I do hate when I pay full price for something and it goes on sale, but oh well.  I guess my loss could be your gain.  I only see the turquoise and red online, but I 100% encourage you to buy it in red.  It goes with so many awesome nautical tops.  And it’s only $40.90!!!!!  Oh, it’s worth noting that this skirt runs a little big.  If you’re like me, and automatically want to go a size up when something fits too tight, I would tell you to actually just get your normal size or a size lower.  It fits really beautifully.  PROMISE!
Vince Camuto Midi Tube skirt – $40.90
Here are a few other pieces that I really liked at some incredible prices!
Vince Camuto Pleat Shoulder top – $38.90
Vince Camuto Dot Draped Top – $48.90
I tried this leopard print Equipment blouse on during a recent personal shopping session, and I loved it so much.  It fit beautifully, was SO soft, and the leopard looked amazing.  (Some leopard prints just look better than others…)  But, the price tag made me balk a little bit.  Now it’s on sale for $129.90 (which is almost $100 off), and it’s still kind of pricey (for me), but it’s definitely something that’s on my wishlist.  (hint hint, Mom!)
Equipment Signature Bright Leopard Print Shirt – $129.90
I really love the cream and red of this next dress.  Plus, it has so much trendy fun in color-blocking and high-low hems.  The fact that they used a zombie model makes me sad though…  (The inner Tyra wants to say YOU HAVE DEAD SHARK EYES, MODEL!  WHERE IS YOUR SMIZE!??!)
Presley Skye Belted Colorblock silk dress – $68.90
If you don’t have a personal shopper at Nordstrom yet, I totally suggest you get one!  Not only is it totally free, but they’re AMAZING at what they do, and they can help you track down all your favorites (and suggest new favorites)!
I’m hoping to stop by after work to see all these pretty things in person.  I’ll keep you posted!

7 Responses to “Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale”

  1. Stephers May 24, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    A. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen you in that amazing skirt, but I'm sure you look HOT! B. I need that skirt in my life. Crossing my fingers that they have it in petites!! xoxo

  2. Chalupa May 24, 2012 at 3:59 pm #

    I'm so glad I read this today! I missed the red tube skirt when I looked through the sale the other day. I ordered it!! Thanks Tier. Steph, I tried the skirt on and it is amazingly comfortable.

  3. Kate May 29, 2012 at 5:08 pm #

    Ok I think I might get the nude bow flats. They are so cute! Are they comfortable?

  4. Ruby Woo May 29, 2012 at 5:56 pm #

    Hi Kate dear,I'm not going to lie–Nordstrom didn't have my size, so I couldn't try them on. BUT, I played with them in the store, and insole is really comfy and the leather is soft. And besides, Nordstrom has a really amazing return policy so even if they don't work, they're easy to return.


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