Polka Dot Pants

23 May
While everyone knows my favorite color will always be leopard, the classic polka dot print is a close second.  While perusing the Georgetown Madewell the other weekend, I came across the most perfect pair of jeans–faded blue with white polka dot.
[BlankNYC] Printed Denim Jeans from Madewell – $110
I did a little internet treasure hunt to see what other polka dot prints were hoping for a home in my closet.
ASOS Pants in Spot Jacquard – on sale for $48.71
Forever 21 High-Rise Polka Dot Pants $22.80
Current/Elliott The Stiletto Jeans – $218
Cafe Capri in Pop Art Polka Dot – J. Crew – $118
If you do pick up a pair, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit as neutral as possible.  Since you’re wearing such a fun, bright pant, you don’t want to mix it with another crazy print and come off looking like a rodeo clown.  
You really can’t go wrong with matching the color of the polka dot to your shirt.  A clean, well-fitting white top tones can tone down the craziness of the pant, but if you’re feeling brave, go for a brighter (but still neutral) color like yellow or red.  

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