Uniqlo X Lulu Guinness

25 Apr
So, I spent 2039423 hours yesterday redoing all my closets (pics soon!) and I discovered that literally HALF of all my clothes are black and/or white.
I guess I love black and white together more than I thought.  It’s probably that love that got me so excited about the new collaboration between Uniqlo and Lulu Guinness.
Well, either that, or the fact that all these shirts are under $20.
Lulu Guinness x Uniqlo

Hmm…one of these looks kind of familiar….

Oh, yeah!  My Jason Wu for Target kitty shirt!
Maybe the cats are best friends?  Or long lost twins?!
Either way, I think at least two of these shirts need to come home and live with me.  
I’m looking at you, Mr. Bow and Ms. City Stripes.


One Response to “Uniqlo X Lulu Guinness”

  1. Donna April 25, 2012 at 2:52 pm #

    Very cute! I like the bottom middle and bottom left ones best! I went to their website and saw one that was gray with a kitty face…very cute!

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