Dress Barn Still Has Cute Dresses

18 Apr
So, everyone knows that sundresses are pretty much my favorite.  I mean, you just throw it on, and people think you put all this work into your outfit, when really, the little secret is that all you did was put on a dress.  (It’s easier than finding jeans and a top and a belt… trust me!)
One of my favorite secrets to finding cute dresses is going to Dress Barn.  Most people don’t believe me,  but they consistently have cute stuff that is actually really reasonably priced.
Ruffled Cutout Dress $49.99
Flutter Sleeve Wrap Dress $39.99
Empire Waist Circle Jacquard dress $39.99
Belted Crochet Neck Dress $49.99
Piped Belted Seersucker Dress $49.99
Piped Seersucker Dress $49.99
The last two are SO SUPER CUTE that it hurts to look at them.  I’m a sucker for anything seersucker.  Haha.   Plus, right now, if you buy two dresses, you get $10 off, so that’s kind of legit.
Quick story time:  One of my favorite teachers from high school was my English teacher.  I can’t say enough about how awesome he was/still is.  I remember helping him find Christmas presents online for his two very cute daughters, and he always tells me how he likes picking out pretty sundresses for his wife.  Last time I posted about my favorite dresses, he told me he bought one of them for his wife!  The funny part was that I had the same one, so we joked about being twins the next time we went to church.  The end.  Haha.  Okay, so maybe that wasn’t a riveting story, but I’ll see if he still reads the the blog!
Okay.  So.  Moral of the story is that Dress Barn has amazingly cute sundresses, and they should be my friend because I talk them up ALL the time.
The end.

One Response to “Dress Barn Still Has Cute Dresses”

  1. Ariane April 19, 2012 at 12:25 am #

    I wouldn't have believed you but, my word, those pictures speak for themselves! So cute. I do love me a good sun dress!

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