polka dots and pizza of the gods

10 Mar
Last night, I got to spend time with one of my favorite people:  The Red Spoon’s Meg.  Meg makes some amazing food, and last night, she was whipping up pizzas from scratch.   (Homemade crust…sausage…caramelized onions…fontina cheese…my mouth is watering just thinking about it!)

I was eating this!  Photo by Meg.

She also let me sneak peek at one of her upcoming posts–brown butter blondies?!?!?  I died.  (Oops.  Hope I don’t get in trouble for spilling the beans.  Or the butter.  Haha.)  I’ve known Meg and her husband our entire lives, since we grew up attending the same church and school.  Now she has the cutest little baby and still finds time to whip up amazing food.  My hero?  Haha.
Meg also has bright, happy tomato sauce red walls which makes for happy picture time.
This polka dot shirt from H&M is so comfy, I have it in three colors.  I think it’s like $14, and the fit is amazing.  I wear this shirt at least once a week!  (And, I think it’s still in stores, so you should go pick one up!)
Also, how cute is my Good Wood NYC necklace!?  I love the little heart detail, and it’s hard to believe it’s all…wood!  And the people over at Good Wood are soooo nice–if you want one for your very own, you can just use code Ruby10 to save 10%!  That means you can score a Ruby Woo necklace of your very own!  LEGIT!   And it’s only like $20!  (Note:  Discount can’t be used on Karen Civil or Good Wood Select.  Also, they totally sent me this necklace, but you guys know I don’t lie to you.  If it was ugly and I hated it, I would definitely say it.  xoxo)


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