Good Wood NYC

3 Mar
When Good Wood NYC initially emailed me and let me know about some of their products, I admit I was kind of like….wood….jewelry?  What?!  Um, no.  But, I always say I’ll try anything before I say I don’t like it (and that’s how I found out I loved escargot!) so I gave their site a little click-through.
Good Wood was founded in 2007 in Brooklyn, NYC, and every single piece is handmade right in their Brooklyn workshop!  And, guys, it’s so much more than just wood jewelry.
Look look look!
Check out this amazing leopard print bow tie!  It comes with this super duper strong magnet on the back, and you can literally stick it on anything!  So far, I’ve worn it on the color of a high-necked dress and in my hair, and the up-close detail is amazing.  
Awww! And the little cassette tape!  If you’re old enough, you should definitely remember what these are!  (Remember always keeping a tape in your radio, so that when you’re favorite song came on, you would run over and hit record?!  I had so many random tape cassettes…I was pretty awesome.)
And the lipstick!  It’s red!  And has a heart!  While I think this should be renamed the RUBY WOO necklace, it’s so cute.  SO SO cute.
And, some of my favorite things were the solid-wood iPhone cases.  Coming from a girl who drops her iPhone like it’s hot, I’m all about super protection that’s still cute.
Leopard iPhone case.
Good Wood NYC has a ton of options for the guys in your life too–I saw a Transformer head that was pretty sweet, and a grizzly bear that looked angry, but maybe he was just sneezing.  (Name that movie, kids!)
Stuff’s super reasonably priced too–the most expensive thing I saw were the iPhone cases at $50, and most of the necklaces were around $20-$25.  That’s not bad considering they’re all hand carved right here in the US of A.
I have some sweet shots of my new amazing leopard bow tie that I can’t wait to share with you, and if you all behave, you must just get a giveaway too!  Eek!
Soooo check them out and let me know what you think!

PS:  This post was created in response to free product sent by Good Wood.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  Promise.  I wouldn’t let you guys wear ugly stuff!

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