Ice Ice Baby

1 Mar
I’m so sad this is the last of my little four part series about my new favorite discovery–Malaysia’s Sereni & Shentel.  If you missed any of it, check out the interview, the Block Party, and the Bow Down.
So, here’s a little honesty for you.  I was over-the-moon when I opened up the beautiful red Block Party and the glittery silver Bow Down, but yellow isn’t my favorite color in the world.  But, the crafting and the details of the Ice Ice Baby were beautiful, and the color happened to match the dress of my new floral Jason Wu for Target dress.

Dress:  Jason Wu for Target
Headband:  c/o Sereni & Shentel
Lipstick:  Ruby Woo DUH!
Turns out, I’ve worn my bright yellow Ice Ice Baby  more than the other two headbands!  Turns out, all my nautically inspired red, navy, and white outfits go great with a pop of yellow!
Big thank you to Sereni and Shentel for being so much fun and so amazing to work with!  I can’t wait to go back and customize my own headband!  And buy a Block Party in every color!  And the new artist collaborations!
Where is all my money going!?!?  Haha.  It’s so weird being grown up.  I did my own taxes for the first time the other night, and I was SO excited about my refund.
Then I had to get two tires and four brake pads replaced on my car, and I had two random medical bills come in from a few months ago.  AND before all that, I bought a new Sleep Number bed because my back’s been so painful for so long, and I figured after sleeping on the same mattress for 25 years, I could use a new investment.
I think I have to put a NO MORE SHOPPING TIER freeze on my life. 
At least until the week before we go to Disney next month!  🙂

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