Estee Lauder Launches a Mad Men Collection

23 Feb
 Since most of my makeup and fashion choices are retro-inspired, I was excited to hear about Estee Lauder’s upcoming collaboration with the 1960’s inspired television show.
I love this gorgeous red lipstick, and the gold case is so pretty.
There’s also a beautifully packaged rouge.
Estee Lauder’s website also has a cute little tutorial to achieve that iconic ’60’s face.
Pre-order the collection now, or wait until March when it launches!

One Response to “Estee Lauder Launches a Mad Men Collection”

  1. bni niu July 7, 2012 at 4:16 am #

    ray ban サングラスがいくつのモデルにとどまらず、いつも前に進んでいきます。スーツにも、カジュアルウェアにも、いろんなカッコウに似合えるように、rayban サングラスはまだ努力してます。新しいレイバン モデルは絶えずに、開発し続けられています。

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