Ruby Woo Loves… Michael Kors Fall 2012

18 Feb
Despite having never chopped down a tree, tried log-rolling, or even holding an axe in my life, I’ve always felt a special bond with lumberjacks.
Maybe because my brother’s flag football nickname was Hungryjack.  Maybe because lumberjack reminds me of flapjacks, and I’m a big fan of pancakes.
Or, maybe it’s because I really love the red and black plaid print that is the hallmark of lumberjack culture.
My lumberjack coat from Urban Outfitters!
My brother told me the other day that I looked like a very chic lumberjack in my coat, and you know what?
Michael Kors Fall 2012 line was heavy on the lumberjack, but surprisingly, not light on the glamor.  He pretty much incorporated all my style staples:
1.  Lots of red
2.  Lots of black
3.  Lots of fur
4.  Lots of leather
I mean, really, the awesome lumberjack prints aside, it was like he peeked in my closet and was like HEY!  I should make a collection for my friend Tier!

How do you get this look for less?

Look for big fluffy furs and cute plaid prints!

Michael Kors F12

Double breasted dress, $135
Plaid cape, $178
Faux fur jacket, $59
80s fashion, $65
Remember the Tartans Dress |, $90


One Response to “Ruby Woo Loves… Michael Kors Fall 2012”

  1. Chalupa February 18, 2012 at 8:32 am #

    Very cute. The double breasted dress would look so cute on you.

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