Leopard is the New Neutral!

17 Feb
I’m always insisting to people that leopard print can absolutely be a neutral.
I mean, think about it.
What is leopard print on it’s most basic level?
You’ve got tan…and black….and brown…
Those are all neutral colors!
So, it makes sense that, when all three colors combine their powers, the ultimate neutral is born….right?
Okay.  So, I know leopard can be a little crazy.  I think New Jersey ruined it for a lot of people.
So, let’s start with the basics.  Maybe…leopard print for beginners.
You can match it with any other neutral (black…white…..red–yes, I think red is a neutral!) and not get TOO many weird looks.
Leopard is the New Neutral

Dorothy Perkins navy blue top, $39
Chiffon top, $35
Diane von Fürstenberg heart t shirt, $55
Shirts blouse, $58
Leopard skirt, $50

Okay, so have you mastered the basics?  Good job!
Now, for the advanced lesson–mixing leopard with other prints!
The trick to mixing prints successfully is to make sure that you look like you did it intentionally.   Some people do it accidentally all the time–like, I saw a kid the other day with plaid shorts and a striped polo.  You could tell he was just clueless, and it looked terrible.  
But, the thing is…you can mix prints and it still look okay.
Leopard is the New Neutral

Jane Norman scoop neck top, £32
Lipsy sweater, £32
Oasis polka dot t shirt, $50
Oasis short tee, $50
Leopard pencil skirt, $50

What do you think?  Do you love leopard as much as me?
Or am I alone in my crazed love?

Thanks for reading! You're the best!

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