I’m Chuck Bass, and I wear leopard. (Updated: I FOUND THE COAT.)

14 Feb

It’s no secret I love Eric Daman, the costume guru from CW’s Gossip Girl.   (Now, my honest opinion is that my favorite years of his work was in the first two seasons.  I died for Blair’s prep-school-with-a-twist wardrobe.  SO MUCH NAVY AND RED.)
I’m off topic now.  Sigh.  Okay.  Back to leopard.
Lately though, Blair’s been a little too….disheveled for me.  Maybe it’s the bad hair that ruins it or that fact that her flawless makeup is missing, or just the lack of copious amounts of navy and red, but lately, the happy butterflies I got from the GG costume department was missing.  (
That is, until Chuck Bass wore a coat with a LEOPARD COLLAR.

This was literally the only picture I could find of it after scouring the interwebz, but you can see how amazing his coat is.
I tried to find the actual jacket too, but that citation is impossible to track down too.
Paul Smith did have a leopard trimmed tuxedo jacket on sale here, but it’s not the same.
Plus, Cecily von Ziegesar herself digs the coat–she mentioned it in her episode recap here.  (PS:  Who knew she recapped the episodes?!  I wonder if that’s awkward for a writer to do….it’s like…Hey, we want to make a TV show out of your characters, but we didn’t really like the original plots enough, so we’re going to just come up with our own storylines, but hey, good try!)
Sigh.  If anyone finds that coat, let me know.  I’m trying to buy it for ME and wear it with skinny black pants and leopard pumps.  RWAR.

EDIT 2/14/12

Eric Daman is super amazingly nice!  He let me know where the glorious coat came from…

You heard it here, folks!   Chuck’s leopard lapel coat comes from Paul Smith!  And, I think that means my investigative powers are strong…since the closet thing I found on my own was a Paul Smith leopard trim tuxedo!

I win!

PS:  ❤ you, Eric!  Thanks for being so cool!


One Response to “I’m Chuck Bass, and I wear leopard. (Updated: I FOUND THE COAT.)”

  1. The Midwest Muse January 26, 2012 at 12:16 pm #

    I agree. They tried to make blair's style more "grown up" when it was already sophisticated and perfect before and it's kind of disappointing. I mean, it's pretty sad when Serena is better dressed than Blair. As for Chucks jacket, why not buy a cheaper blazer and do the collar DIY? It would be super cheap and more rewarding.

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